Director of ‘Racquet Boys’ “The burden of the first attempt to play badminton”


[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Director Cho Young-kwang of’Racquet Boys’ revealed the reason for using badminton as the subject.

At 2 p.m. on the 25th, the online production presentation of SBS’ new Monday-Tuesday drama “Racket Boys” (playwright Jung Bo-hoon, director Cho Young-kwang) was broadcast live on SBS’ official YouTube channel and homepage. Director Cho Young-kwang, actors Kim Sang-kyung, Oh Na-ra, Tang Jun-sang, Son Sang-yeon, Choi Hyun-wook, Kim Kang-hoon, Lee Jae-in, and Lee Ji-won attended the production presentation.

Director Cho Young-kwang said, “Badminton is a sport that is close to everyday life, and enjoys all ages and makes it easy with one racket. I am not interested in anything other than the Olympics. In fact, if you look into it, I thought that a thrilling rally could be dissolved in a dramatic way.”

“It’s a burden because it’s my first attempt. There is high interest in badminton in Korea. I know that there are more than 300 elite players and more than 3 million clubs. They will be a great help.”

In addition, director Cho Young-kwang said, “I met the author saying that I would do the work for the first time, and I gave him a collection of interviews as much as the phone book. There was an interview with the badminton officials I met while preparing. I brought vivid episodes of badminton officials to the drama. The foot gaze treatment is also carefully checked and taken. “It melted not only sports, but also the desire to fight, humanism and human relations that unfold in the game.”

Meanwhile, “Racket Boys” is a drama about the growth of 16-year-old boys and girls who dream of becoming badminton idols, and will premiere at 10 p.m. on the 31st.
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