‘Golf King’ Jang Min-ho “My fans boasted that I’m good at golf”

[Intern reporter Lee Ji-young on Daily Economy Star Today]

Trot singer Jang Min-ho confessed the burden of supporting the fan cafe.

In the TV Chosun entertainment program ‘Golf King’, which aired for the first time on the 24th, the first meeting of former soccer player Lee Dong-guk, actor Lee Sang-woo, singer Jang Min-ho, and comedian Yang Se-hyung was revealed.

On this day, in an interview with the production crew, Jang Min-ho said, “I just hit (swing). It’s cool and it relieves stress, so it’s fun.” He said, “I hit the quarter coolly.”

“I went into the fan cafe. But, fans boasted that I’m good at playing golf… Like a professional golf player. (Fans)’Can you finally see that shot?’ It was like this,” he expressed his feelings of pressure.

On the other hand, Lee Dong-guk checked with Jang Min-ho, saying, “It’s different from the club.” Yang Se-hyung agreed, saying, “It is evidence that I went to (golf) a lot that the club had such a time.”

Jang Min-ho said, “I was in my mid-80s when I hit it really well,” but he criticized him for not being able to play golf.

In an interview with the production crew, Lee Dong-guk predicted, “(Jang Min-ho) says he is not good at hitting and is a style that he does well.”


PhotosㅣTV Chosun’Golf King’ broadcast screen
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