Soyou’s pictorial with her healthy body

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Soyou boasted an attractive hot body and stimulated the desire to lose weight.

On the 25th, fashion magazine ‘Cosmopolitan’ released Soyou’s solo pictorial and interview that appeared in the June issue.

In the published pictorial, Soyou fully digested the unconventional look such as a white bra top, leather pants, and a bodysuit that covers the whole body, revealing a stylish charm.

In particular, Soyou’s confident expression and unrealistic body full of voluminous sense caught the attention of the viewers at once and aroused admiration.

In an interview with the photo shoot, Soyou said, “You don’t have to follow my routine unconditionally. It’s important to find a method that works for you. The structure of the body is so different from person to person, even if you do the same exercise, the results can be different. It would be nice if you could experience various kinds of exercise.”

Then, about the diet challenge that was released on her YouTube channel ‘Soyougi’, “I was looking forward to some while planning the content, but I didn’t know that there would be so many views. I am proud that many people say ‘I saw you well’ and ‘I became motivated’.”

Soo-soo, who prefers the word ‘make a body’ over ‘diet’, said, “Somehow, when it comes to diet, I think I have to starve. It’s similar to the dish that ‘makes the body’ to me. It is a process of getting the results I want through exercise.”

In addition, I have seen an article saying, “The muscle mass and happiness are proportional to the age,” saying, “must have” muscle for Soyou. The muscles referred to here are not the muscles that increase the size of the body, but the muscles of the basic amount. I have a bad back, but I didn’t even know I had a disc until the test. I didn’t know it was painful because the muscles were holding it. Besides, it’s a date tree, so I have to exercise. It hurts when I rest.”

Meanwhile, more pictorials and interviews of Soyou can be found in the June issue of ‘Cosmopolitan’.

Photo ㅣThe June issue of Cosmopolitan
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