‘Afternoon Hope’ Hyung Don and Dae-jun “We want to make you laugh in a difficult situation”

[Intern reporter Kim Jae-eun on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Male duo Hyung-don and Dae-jun (Jung Hyung-don and Defconn) showed off their cool talking skills.

MBC FM4U’s “I’m Kim Shin-young of Afternoon Hope”, which aired on the 26th, featured male duo Hyung-don, Dae-jun Jung Hyung-don and Defconn, who returned with their new song “Christian Girl I Met on the Day of Buddha’s Birthday.” DJ Kim Shin-young introduced the two, saying, “Hyung-don and Dae-jun, the big duo in the music industry, are here.”

Kim Shin-young said, “May 29th was the 9th anniversary of Hyung-don and Dae-jun’s debut.” “What do you think?” she asked. Defconn said, “I was forgetting. But we’re rookies because we’re going to work as Jack & Demeturie. He is a veteran singer but has been a rookie for nine years. “You can’t be arrogant,” he said. Jung Hyung-don also added, “We always have a humble heart.”

Defconn then said, “To do that, Jung Hyung-don is still lying in the waiting room. They tell me to work when there is a red light on entertainment shows. “Weren’t you told us not to let go of our energy in the waiting room?” added laughter.

Defconn later said, “I heard that Espa appeared as a guest yesterday. “We are colleagues with aespa,” he said. Jeong Hyeong-don said, “What are you talking about? We’re seniors because we’re Jack and Demeturie.” DJ Kim Shin-young asked for a video letter, saying, “Then say something to aespa.”

Jung Hyung-don said, “I hope we can have a collaboration next time.” If you have a concert, please sing it. We can also go to Nofei. “I’ve been a fan since ‘Black Mama’.”

They also talked about the new song. Defconn asked Kim Shin-young for her opinion on the new song. “I’ve listened to the new song and it’s so nice,” Kim Shin-young said. Jang Beom-joon praised it, saying, “It feels like I felt your shampoo scent in the swaying flowers.” Jung Hyung-don showed strong confidence, saying, “We are not behind in vocals.”

Defconn said, “In fact, I was wondering if this song could pass the deliberation, but it passed the deliberation.” Kim Shin-young said, “When I saw this, I thought our area was expanding now. I’m proud. Now you two are perfect as long as you’re good at guitar and singing.”

It also announced plans for its activities. Defconn said, “We’re going to have a long activity. “I want to tell you that you don’t have to cast me in such a hurry. “In fact, I’ve got six months to the fullest,” said Jung Hyung-don.”I’ve been thinking about it for three years as an aunt,” Kim said. Jung Hyung-don kept in check, saying, “Then the timing of the activities overlaps.”

I also thanked my fellow singers for their support. Kim Shin-young said, “TWICE cheered for Hyung-don and Dae-jun. What do you mean?” “Did you scold him?” he asked.

Jung Hyeong-don said, “No, my seniors cheered me up. I got a text from TWICE’s Jeongyeon. “It’s so nice to see Jung-yeon working hard on the juniors, and the song is so good,” he said. Defconn also said, “Rain cheered for me. “He said it was good to see me trying to make ends meet.”

Finally, the two said, “We are a commercial group, so I thought it was meaningless unless it was an event. But the current situation is tough, so we want to make you laugh. We’ll try our best to make many people laugh. “Always be healthy.”

Hyung-don and Dae-jun released double title songs “Christian Girl I Met on Buddha’s Birthday” and “A song that is late to pay in spring and a little early to pay in summer.” Hyung-don and Dae-jun work as English names Jack & Demeturie to advance overseas.


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