‘Do Workout’ We are seeking for people who gained weight after the spread of COVID-19

‘Do Workout’ Chi-Seung Yang, Mi-Sun Park, Gyeong-Hwan Heo. Provided|KBS

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

A “customized exercise recipe” for teenagers who lack exercise due to the prolonged Covid-19 will be dispatched directly.

KBS1’s new program “Do Workout” is a new type of program in which Park Mi-sun, Yang Chi-seung, and Heo Kyung-hwan deliver customized exercise to their homes when customers who need exercise order in an era of prolonged stay at home due to Covid-19. They deliver “exercise recipes” directly to teenagers who lack exercise and pass on hell training.

Producer Jeon Hye-ran, who directed the “Do Workout” online press conference on the morning of the 26th, said, “As a public broadcaster, KBS produces programs for children and teenagers.”

Producer Jeon said, “I thought teenagers would be forced to lack of exercise after a year of Covid-19,” and added, “I thought about how to help them, but sometimes I couldn’t easily follow the exercise even after watching the video, so I decided to organize a workout for the applicant and deliver it.”

Starting with Director Yang Chi-seung, who has emerged as a “national trainer” through various entertainment programs, Park Mi-sun and Heo Kyung-hwan, who have him. Three people lead the “Do Workout” with the spirit of a hundred people.

Regarding the reason for casting Park Mi-sun and Heo Kyung-hwan, Jeon said, “I couldn’t help but think of Park Mi-sun, who has the image of a national mother and aunt. “I am also interested in children at the scene, but they also understand the situation of their parents.” Heo Kyung-hwan also makes people laugh and has a good sense of exercise, so he also watches his posture,” he said.

Unlike when the three first came in with the proposal for a “Do Workout,” they are already into the program now. “When I first said it was ‘Do Workout’, I came in thinking that I would come out once or twice. “But it was longer than I thought,” he said. “I was going to dip my feet and fall out quickly, but now I’m all out of it.”

“As I teach sports to young students, they are attractive, and they change faster than I thought because they are young children. I come in without much thought and get a lot of affection as I take pictures. The students’ lifestyles and eating habits have changed badly, and their minds have been cleaned by us. I don’t want it to be short, I want it to be long. I think so.”

Park Mi-sun said, “I was wondering when I was casted at first. “I’m not an athletic or healthy image, so I wonder why you still cast me because you probably haven’t seen a lot of pictures wearing sportswear outdoors.” “You asked me to lead the story of my parents and children, but I don’t have much to tell. “There are situations of the two, and there are situations that need to be sorted out.”

Director Jeon also remembered her first meeting with Yang Chi-seung. “At first, I was very shy, so I was afraid of Yang Chi-seung,” Park said. It was so scary at first. But I think he’s shorter than I thought. I was relieved. “As I keep looking at it, it feels like I’m looking in the mirror, the same amphibian.”

“I’ve always been self-managed to survive my intense career in the entertainment industry,” Heo Kyung-hwan said, I worked hard on this and that and tried not to be pushed by young people, but exercise is hard to get out of the house. There is home training, but it is not easy to follow and it does not create will. That’s why we’re playing a role in creating an opportunity, a cause, for us to start.”

Regarding the three people’s breathing, PD Jeon said, “Since the boss (Park Mi-sun) who is paying the salary seems to be working out well, the team leader (Yang Chi-seung) seems to be working out well, and the employee (Heo Kyung-hwan) is also helping the students learn.”

“We are also checking because our friends who work out with us take and send us daily videos. “I’m grateful that many people’s efforts are being conveyed to these friends as I see them in their daily lives.”

Thanks to the program, Park Mi-sun is watching it. “Our CEO (Park Mi-sun) is the one who has become the healthiest through our program,” said Yang Chi-seung. I have all the children’s worries. When she said, “You also cured constipation,” Park Mi-sun drew laughter by saying, “I worked hard on the constipation exercise in the recording, and I watched it coolly.”

“What we deliver is an opportunity for exercise,” said Yang Chi-seung. “When you watch, there are a lot of exercises, so don’t look at the explanation, listen to the explanation, and if you think it will help, please follow along.” He added, “The exercises you are doing now are necessary for everyone, and I hope you understand them correctly because you can get hurt if you mislearn or misunderstand them.”

At the end of the production presentation, Heo Kyung-hwan said, “I have to work out, but I lose every time, and ‘Do Workout’ will make and deliver delicious exercise, so please watch the review after the broadcast.” “I’m going anywhere in the country, so look at the reviews and order whenever it looks delicious,” he said.

The first episode of “Do Workout” will air at 7:40 p.m. on the 26th.

‘Do Workout’ Yang Chi-seung, Park Mi-sun, PD Jeon Hye-ran, and Heo Gyeong-hwan. Provided|KBS


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