‘Heart Signal 3’ Lee Ga-heun shares her passionate daily life with tennis + study

[Intern reporter Lee Ji-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Lee Ga-heun, who made her name known as Channel A’s entertainment programs ‘Heart Signal 3’and’Friends’, shared her daily life.

Lee Ga-heun posted two posts on her Instagram story on the 25th.

One is a video of Lee Ga-heun hitting the ball in a tennis court, which was shared with the article ‘Boing boing’. The other is a re-upload of a post posted by a friend, and it contains Lee Ga-heun, who is studying foreign languages at a cafe. The friend mentioned Lee Ga-heun’s passion for studying, saying, “I am a passionate man. Sun drew attention.

On the 26th, Lee Ga-heun left a post saying, “I feel good with a tingling arm.”

Lee Ga-heun was controversial after being accused of being a school violence perpetrator before appearing in ‘Heart Signal 3’. In this regard, Lee Ga-heun’s side, in fact, proceeded to sue for defamation in a timely manner. Later, in the last broadcast of ‘Friends’, Lee Ga-heun, who had a high proportion from the beginning, did not appear, so I was curious.


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