Kim Eul-dong honored her late father, with the film’Boy Kim Doo-han’

Kim Eul-dong attended the production presentation of ‘Boy Kim Doo-han’. Photo| Reporter Kang Young-guk

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Former lawmaker Kim Eun-dong attended the movie “Boy Kim Doo-han” event in honor of her father Kim Doo-han and had a meaningful time to give a congratulatory speech.

On the 26th, a production presentation for the movie “Boy Kim Doo-han” was held at Hotel Prima in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. Director Bae Jae-hyun, Kim Jung-kyun, Won Ki-joon, Yoon Seung-won, Lim Baek-cheon and Kwon Il-soo attended the scene.

“Boy Kim Doo-han” is a work about Kim Doo-han’s childhood and will feature Koreans protecting their self-esteem by confronting Japanese children who are rampant in their daily lives.

Kim Eum-dong attended the ceremony to celebrate the work, which depicts the childhood of Kim Doo-han’s daughter and father, known as the son of General Kim Jwa-jin.

Kim Eum-dong expressed her gratitude by saying, “I am honored to attend the event and thank you to those who planned and produced the ‘Boy Kim Doo-han’ movie.”

“Many people say that Kim Doo-han has a lot of content. If you do “Kim Doo-han” content, I don’t think it’s a failure even if it’s a box office hit. In the meantime, Kim Doo-han’s related works such as “Son of the General” and “The Age of Wildlings” have never been successful. Kim Doo-han is the content that always hits the jackpot. “I believe this movie will do well,” she said, expressing her affection and trust for her father, Kim Doo-han.

Among the works depicting Kim Doo-han’s biography, SBS drama “The Age of Wildlings” was loved by syndrome class at the time of its airing. Recalling the time of the production, Kim Eum-dong opposed the broadcasting station, saying, “What era is it now that we are doing a collaborative drama?” At that time, the director said, “Kim Doo-han’s work is not ruined,” and it was a big hit. “I don’t doubt it’s going to be an unprecedented hit.

“My father’s life contains patriotism, loyalty, and sharing. “If you have a wish as a family member, I hope it will be a model work,” she said. “I hope the movie will be a hit and many teenagers will be impressed by their father’s life and become young people who develop Korea.”

Meanwhile, ‘Boy Kim Doo-han’ is preparing for the crank-in in July and is scheduled to be released in December.
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