Seong Si-kyung appeared in ‘Killing Voice’… High-quality live launch

Seong Si Kyung. Photo|Dingo music’Killing Voice’ capture

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Seong Si-kyung presented a high-quality live performance on Dingo music “Killing Voice.”

Dingo Music released a video of Seong Si-kyung’s “Killing Voice” on its official YouTube channel at 7 p.m. on the 25th.

In the video released, Seong Si-kyung sang “All Your Moments” and said, “I will sing a lot of songs even for a short time today.”

Seong Si-kyung, who presented “It would be nice,” “You were touched,” “We look good together,” “Hee-jae,” “Blue Night in Jeju Island,” and “The Two,” said, “What is the best dance song of this era?” and gave viewers a laugh.

Live performances of “On the Street” and “One More Farewell” worked with Yoon Jong-shin were also released. Seong Si-kyung said, “On the Street” was a success and promised to work on one more song with Jong-shin. Jong-shin sang the guide song without the lyrics, and I still remember it correctly,” he said, drawing laughter by showing Yoon Jong-shin’s imitation.

Seong Si-kyung was singing “Hello My Love,” which was released before joining the military, and suddenly sang a military song and said, “Melody is really pretty. “I think it can be a ballad song if I change the lyrics,” he expressed regret.

Seong Si-kyung, who perfectly performed “The Solar System” and “You Are My Spring,” finished “Killing Voice” with her eighth full-length title song “I Love U,” released in 10 years.

In particular, Seong Si-kyung produced the entire song’s accompaniment on the piano for the “Killing Voice” and presented high-quality home front-row online concerts to fans who have been waiting for his live performance for a long time.

“Killing Voice” is a set list selected by artists and is a content that allows them to vividly enjoy “Voice” that “kills” everyone live. Earlier, singers of various genres such as IU, Mamamoo, AKMU, Rain, 10cm, Paul Kim, and Highlight appeared and received favorable responses from music fans.

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