‘The Night of the 8th Day’ confirmed to be released on Netflix on July 2nd

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Netflix will unveil “The Night of the 8th Day” around the world on July 2 to show the new world of mystery thrillers.

Netflix confirmed the release of the movie “The Night of the 8th Day” worldwide on July 2. “The Night of the 8th Day” is a movie about an eight-day struggle to prevent the “should not wake up” from being unsealed, which will cross seven stepping stones and bring a hell full of pain to the world.

New director Kim Tae-hyung is in charge of the screenplay and directing, including the mystery surrounding the mysterious death, the ominous fear of “shouldn’t wake up,” and the tight drama of characters entangled in suspense and karma given by the ominous journey of “it” across the seven stepping stones. It is expected to open a new chapter of Korean mystery thriller with fresh settings.

Ensemble of actors with unusual characters is also a point of expectation. Lee Sung-min, who has given real and three-dimensional feelings to characters regardless of age and genre in films such as “Army: Age of the People’s Ran,” “The Duke” and “The Witness” since it was imprinted as the drama “Misaeng.” He plays Park Jin-soo, who is born to protect the fate of the “guardian” so that the seal of “what should not be woken up” is not released.

Park Hae-joon, who proved his personality and charm with dramas such as “Misaeng” and “The World of the Married,” and movies such as “White: The Child Who Swallowed the Monster” and “Believer,” adds thriller fun as Kim Ho-tae, a violent detective who investigates seven deaths found in a strange way.

Kim Yoo-jung, who was at the center of popular works such as “The Chaser,” “Thread Of Lies,” “Moon Embracing The Sun,” and “Love In the Moonlight,” who changed the child’s conventional wisdom, appears as a girl with secrets, amplifying the mystery of “7 stepping stones.”

Nam Da-reum, known for the drama “Six Flying Dragons,” “Startup” and the movie “Kundo: Age of the Rampant,” appears as a Dong Ja-seung Cheongseok to convey to Park Jin-soo, the protector, that “it is about to wake up. The boy’s innocence and bright appearance will add warmth to “The Night of the 8th Day.”

A fresh story called a struggle to prevent the unwinding of “What Should Not Be Awakened”. The mystery thriller “The Night of the 8th Day,” which is expected to be created by actors with both individuality and acting skills, is scheduled to meet viewers from more than 190 countries around the world on July 2nd through Netflix.



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