Uhm Jung-hwa’s ending testimony “It was a fun time like meeting a friend of ‘On and Off'”

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer and actor Uhm Jung-hwa greeted the viewers of “On & Off” for the last time.

Amid the end of tvN’s “On & Off” on the 25th, Uhm Jung-hwa, who was the main MC and smoothly led the atmosphere on the site, expressed her feelings about the end of the show.

Uhm Jung-hwa  had a great time watching, empathizing and learning the lives of wonderful guests every week through ‘On & Off’ through her agency People Entertainment. “It was more meaningful because I was able to value my daily life more through the program,” she said.

“I challenged to be an entertainment MC for the first time, but I think I filmed it happily as if I met my friend every episode,” he said. “Thank you so much for loving ‘On & Off’ and MC Uhm Jung-hwa.”

Uhm Jung-hwa challenged to be an entertainment MC for the first time since her debut in “On & Off,” giving off extraordinary chemistry with not only the members but also the guests, and colored every Tuesday night pleasantly. In addition, Uhm Jung-hwa listened to the guest’s story and showed “on-tact communication” with warm reactions and sincere empathy, followed by favorable reviews from viewers for Uhm Jung-hwa’s ability to lead the comfortable atmosphere. At the same time, the cordial consolation and encouragement that melted her experiences in the right place as a senior in the entertainment industry made the home theater warm.

Uhm Jung-hwa also proved why she is considered a role model for many stars and the public through “On & Off.” She showed herself as the king of self-care by consistently practicing her own routines such as growing plants, low-tan high-altitude diets, and yoga in her ordinary daily life.

Uhm Jung-hwa’s attitude toward daily life of OFF, which aired on the 4th, also drew enthusiastic responses from viewers. When Uhm Jung-hwa failed to surf after a long time, she said, “Surfing is like life.” “Even if the road is difficult, if you keep going, you will reach your destination,” she said, showing her enjoyment of the process itself. Uhm Jung-hwa, who challenged repeatedly despite successive failures, eventually succeeded in surfing, and this positive aspect of Uhm Jung-hwa gave viewers a sense of emotion.

Attention is focusing on what else Um Jung-hwa, who has successfully completed her first MC challenge, showing a variety of charms from the appearance of “All-around Entertainer Uhm Jung-hwa” to the appearance of “People Um Jung-hwa.”


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