‘Fighting dystonia’ Lee Bong-ju “The first marathon coach meeting, thankful heart”

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Lee Bong-ju shared his impressions of appearing on TV with love.

In KBS 2TV’s human entertainment ‘TV Carries Love’, broadcast on the 26th, the story of a national marathoner Lee Bong-ju reunited after 35 years with his first athletics teacher was drawn, and Lee Bong-ju’s parents reunited with Lee Bong-ju so that Lee Bong-ju can exercise. The moment he revealed that he had persuaded him, he recorded the highest viewership rating of 6.8% (Nielsen Korea, based on the metropolitan area).

Last year, Lee Bong-ju, who made the public feel sorry for a sudden disease of unknown cause, but appeared in a recovering form on this day and was happy to not only MCs but also viewers, and meeting the first coach who laid the foundation for his successful marathoner life can be a great strength. It was said that there would be, and a reunion took place amid the support of viewers.

On the day of the reunion, Lee Bong-ju said, “I was surprised and grateful to hear a new story I didn’t know about meeting the coach.” After the filming was over, Bong-ju Lee shared the stories accumulated until the night went deep. Following that, the family said, “I watched the broadcast with tears over my (own) health worries,” and said that they received a lot of contact that they were moved around.

Coach Bok Jin-kyung also said to the production crew, “I’m so grateful that I want to bow down,” and “I will make a meeting with people from Sapgyo High School and have a lasting meeting with this meeting.”

KBS 2TV’s ‘TV Carries Love’ every Wednesday at 8:30 pm, where the reasoning and tracking process of finding the protagonist in the precious memories of the stars’ hearts through clues became more interesting and the most special reunion in life doubled. It is broadcast.



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