IU supports Jung Seung-hwan’s album… “songs to other singers gave the first thing.”

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[Intern reporter Lee Ji-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer IU was rooting for a comeback of Jung Seung-hwan.

On May 26th IU said, “It’s the first thing gave the song lyrics to other artists do!” With a picture on his Instagram saying “Thank you once again for a wonderful results. The song I wrote is a love letter. The title was decided this way!”.

“Title song Friend, that long time is also very good. Anyway, Jung Seung-hwan is the best,” he added.

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In the released photo, Jung Seung-hwan’s album is contained. Photo resulted in IU Jung Seung-hwan is to ask the heading “1. When writing a love letter song, a will to tell the story line to the old couple who left first? I made it with the feeling of a will, but the lyrics are already covered with messages of separation and death, so the title itself is a little lighter and in some ways cute. It’s written crudely as ‘love letter’) I thought about what if it was a title that wasn’t too calm!” he wrote his own opinion.

The netizens have it, “IU, Jung Seung-hwan best ♥”, “the lyrics are so good! I like Jung Seung-hwan’s voice too!” and “I heard a great song well”, etc.

Meanwhile, Jung Seung-hwan released the album ‘Five Words’ through various music sites at 6 pm on the 26th. ‘Five Words’ is an album that contains a total of five tracks, from the moment of excitement that penetrates the daily life to the painful breakup, the last ‘one word’ that was not handed over at the beginning and end of love.

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