Jung Ho-geun “The only person who will stand shoulder to shoulder with Kim Gura…”

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Jung Ho-geun, a shaman, appears in ‘Late Night Ghost Talk’

In the MBC entertainment program ‘Late Night Ghost Talk’, which airs today (27th) at 10:30 pm, viewers have been waiting for a long time, ‘Skin Ghost (?)’, and actor Jung Ho-geun, who became a shaman after receiving excitement, appears as a special guest.

As soon as Jung Ho-geun appeared with a story jar, the cast cheered violently, saying, “A chin (?) appeared”, “A treasure-like ghost came”, and “I wanted to serve you too much”. As soon as he sat down, Dal Ho-geun boasted that he had been trained in common ghost stories, saying, “When I watched the broadcast, it was refreshing (?).” However, he continued, “Among shamans,’How are the things we talked about ourselves?

Are you coming out of [Late-Night Ghost Talks]” and said,’Late-Night Ghost Talks

Implied that many of his talks could be real.

Then, before receiving the excitement, Jung Ho-geun made the cast members frightened with a strange (?) ghost story of a different class, such as telling a dizzying episode that almost rolled over because of a ghost approaching her eyes while riding a horse during a drama shoot. Even Dr. Kwak Jae-sik, the official ‘Dream Destroyer’ of the [Late Night Ghost Talks,” said, “The Destroyer of the Destroyer has appeared.”

In addition, Jung Ho-geun said, “There is something strangely visible to the cast members here” and naturally opened the late-night shrine (?) and began to pour out surprising stories. Jung Ho-geun, who picked up Hwang Je-seong and pointed out that “there is too much ambition in the heart, and it is necessary to reduce it,” he soon revealed that there is someone who has a big luck in the ‘late night ghost talks’. Tonight, who will be the protagonist of the key, praised by Jung Ho-geun, saying, “It is comparable to Kim Gura and will be brilliant for the next 5 to 6 years,” will be revealed tonight.

In addition, the ‘Late Night Ghost Talk’ reveals a spot of horror that made even the 12-year travel writer tremble. It is a famous spot in Seoul where all the cast members can go close. Then, when the story related to this attraction was revealed, the studio was shocked… Meanwhile, viewers of this lead include a tragedy sung by a dangerous necromancy, ‘soul breath,’ and an unforgettable horror experience in a suspicious abandoned building in the middle of the night. The colorful and grotesque stories from this sentiment await.

Korea’s first ghost story storytelling challenge program MBC [Late Night Ghost Talk] is being submitted to the official website of Metchi with scary and bizarre stories for all the people. All the contests introduced on the broadcast will receive a prize money of 444,444 won. After that, the first place in each round will receive an additional prize money equal to the number of candles received from (LAN line audiences), and the conspirator who won the first place after receiving 44 candles will receive the maximum prize money of 888,888 won.

The full-scale horror and freak talk show MBC ‘Late Night Ghost Talk’ will be broadcast today (27th) at 10:30 pm. It is also uploaded weekly in Naver Audio Clips at the request of fans who want to listen to audio.


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