‘Musun129’ Kang Ho-dong, life and death because of getting tired… Succeeded by 33,000 people?

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Attention is focusing on whether Kang Ho-dong will be able to get a total of 33,000 gifts in “Musun129.”

Kakao TV’s original web entertainment show “Musun129,” which will be unveiled at 5 p.m. today (27th), will feature a full-fledged competition showdown between CEO Lee Kun-joon of BGF Retail, who runs a convenience store CU. Kang Ho-dong, who was promised benefits for viewers after negotiations that were full of tension and laughter in the last episode, will compete with 33,000 prizes from subscribers and pride as chief subscriber officer (CSO) of Kakao TV. Depending on the results of the two’s match to be unveiled today, if Kang Ho-dong wins, he will receive gifts for a total of 33,000 Kakao TV subscribers, including 10,000 CU kimbap, 10,000 triangular kimbap and 5,000 tteokbokki, and if Lee Kun-joon wins, he will receive special advertisements and PPL benefits promised by Kakao TV.

Kang Ho-dong’s first competition is “Ttakjigi.” Representatives Kang Ho-dong and Lee Kun-joon will begin their special training on “full level of enthusiasm” to give a burst of laughter to the final “present skin” showdown. Ahead of the match, Kang Ho-dong vowed to win by saying, “I’m done losing,” and CEO Lee Kun-joon, who showed off his formidable winning character, said, “I didn’t set a budget for next year’s TV commercial in anticipation of today’s victory.” Kang Ho-dong does not let go of his practice even in the waiting room of other programs, and he receives A to Z, a must-win method such as folding a ticket from Lee Soo-geun, a scab player, to first attack strategy.

Against this backdrop, CEO Lee Kun-joon also takes the lead with his deft words that he was a scabbing prodigy as a child, signaling his formidable skills that he even received special tweezers tutoring, raising expectations for a victory in the final match.

The full-fledged  competition between the two will start with a sharp war of nerves starting with a scab. Lee Kun-joon is rumored to have shaken Kang Ho-dong’s mentality until the end, even mentioning the “Kungkungta Scabbed Book of Fear,” which Kang Ho-dong had been humiliated by a scabbing match with Yoo Jae-seok in the past. Kang Ho-dong, who faced an unexpected crisis just before the match, and Lee Kun-joon, the two representatives, who are showing an unwavering side of the match, plan to repeat the reversal and deliver fun with an unpredictable “hyun skin” match.

“Musun129,” which Kang Ho-dong will take charge of the operation of “Hyun Picall” Musun129 on behalf of viewers as Kakao TV CSO, will be unveiled every Thursday and Sunday at 5 p.m. on Kakao TV.


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