Son Ji-chang Confess “Absence of Childhood, Hard Times” (Fire men)

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

tvN STORY ‘Fire men’ depicts a flame challenge full of sincerity.

“Fire men” (directed by Kim Kwan-tae and Park Hyun-joo) is a tvN STORY original entertainment program that reveals the current daily lives of stars who enjoyed the 90s and watches them challenge the bucket list they have kept so far. Earlier, Cha In-pyo drew attention every time by exchanging talents, Shin Sung-woo’s own hideout architecture for freedom, and Son Ji-chang preparing for a new music release with Kim Won-joon.

In particular, Son Ji-chang is said to sincerely reveal his affectionate story about his family and why he participated in the fireworks challenge, drawing attention.
It is rumored that Son Ji-chang expressed his special feelings toward his two sons and even showed tears as he went through a difficult time due to his father’s absence as a child. “I want to convey hope and gratitude to fans who have kept the same memories,” he said, adding to the touching emotion and warmth of his appearance on the show.

In addition, Kim Min-jong is said to be joining Son Ji-chang’s Fireworks Challenge as a strong supporter, drawing attention. “With You,” sung by the two-member group “The Blue,” formed by the top actors of the time Son Ji-chang and Kim Min-jong, has gained explosive popularity and is drawing keen attention to the new music to be showcased again by legendary young stars who dominated the 90s.

Shin Sung-woo’s hideout is said to show a completely different appearance, raising questions. All the work processes and abilities Shin Sung-woo rebuilds every corner of the house from the floor to the yard, as well as experts, are expected to be revealed on today’s broadcast. In particular, MC Kim Sook, who was watching this in the studio, said, “Thanks to you, I made up my mind. The message that Shin Sung-woo vowed to build a camping site adds curiosity to today’s broadcast about how he will completely transform his house and what kind of hideout he will create.

tvN STORY ‘Fire men’ airs every Thursday at 7 p.m.

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