‘The myth of reverse driving’ Brave Girls will be on ‘Upgrade Man’

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Brave Girls, a popular girl group that is writing back-tracking myths on tvN’s “Upgrade Man,” will launch.

tvN’s “Upgrade Man” (directed by Son Chang-woo and An Je-min) is a reality show that faces and challenges big and small inconveniences to become an upgraded version of myself, reflecting the recent trend of growth rather than success. In particular, the video clip released last week showed MC Lee Min-jung challenging special cooking for her beloved family and best friend of 35 years, while basketball coach Huh Jae’s weekly challenge, which aired earlier, also drew strong sympathy from drinkers and recorded 1.2 million views.

In the broadcast on the 27th, Brave Girls and Kim Jong-min, who have been in their 22nd year as singers, are raising questions as the main characters of the upgrade.

First of all, Brave Girls, who have established themselves as a popular girl group by writing down the myth of climbing the music charts, will make a beautiful upgrade for the strong support group who has supported them for a long time to endure the hard time of obscurity.

The members are expected to visit their acquaintances who want to repay their gratitude and convey their sincerity, drawing keen attention to today’s broadcast on who they will visit and what stories will be revealed. Also, the behind-the-scenes stories of those who watched from the side will be revealed in today’s broadcast. It is expected to deliver both fun and touching feelings with contents that have never been heard anywhere, including the members’ first get-together after the reverse run and the members’ honest feelings that have not been disclosed so far.

Kim Jong-min, MC of “Upgrade Man,” is then on his second upgrade challenge, drawing attention. He, who overcame his discomfort with an unexpected confession that he was uncomfortable expressing his mind in the previous broadcast and became the “Communication King,” is challenging his goal of entering the music chart rankings as a singer of 22 years. In particular, Yang Dong-geun, a master of hip-hop and all-around talent, is said to have stepped up production for him, raising interest. Following the release of the rock hip-hop genre, which Kim Jong-min and Yang Dong-geun jointly performed, on the 27th, expectations are high on whether Kim Jong-min will be able to succeed in the upgrade he desperately wants.

Meanwhile, tvN’s “Upgrade Man” airs every Thursday evening at 8:40 p.m.



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