‘Welcome. First Time in Korea?’ David and his wife, admiring their first Gamjatang

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

In “Welcome. First Time in Korea?”, David and his wife admire gamjatang, a fiery stew with potato.

On the 27th, the MBC Everyone entertainment program “Welcome. First Time in Korea?” which airs at 8:30 p.m. today, Joseph’s daily life from Australia, who has been living in Korea for three years, will be revealed. Jonathan, who has been living in Korea for five years, will also appear as a guest as a spokesman for David, the youngest member of the Three Fix expedition.

In the broadcast on this day, a special day of David’s family who left for a spring outing at Pocheon Sanjeong Lake will be revealed. The way the family chose to enjoy Sanjeong Lake closer is duck boat. In addition, each duck boat shows how to enjoy Sanjeong Lake by showing its individuality. Isabel shows off her noble princess’ figure as she dips her hands in the water and gracefully appreciates the scenery. While her mother Stephanie is enjoying her father’s speed, David is struggling to enjoy the scenery as she pedals for her family.

Meanwhile, Oliver releases his sweet side, saying, “I’ll do it,” that he will pedal for his father, who looks tired. It is rumored that the MCs are against Oliver’s dignity and sweetness, saying, “So cool” and “I’m proud.”

Meanwhile, Jonathan’s recommendation draws attention to the David family enjoying a special lunch. The first luxury menu the David family tried was gamjatang. At this time, the couple, who didn’t know about the pork backbone “Potato,” looked embarrassed, saying, “It’s gamjatang, but there’s no potato.”

David and his wife, who soon tasted the meat, will present a stormy eating show, saying, “It’s really soft and chewy.” In particular, David, who even puts Oliver Bob in the soup, looks surprised, saying, “You look like a Korean,” and “I think the Three Fix Challenge is just over.”

The David family’s spring outing will be unveiled at 8:30 p.m. on the 27th at MBC Everyone’s “Welcome. First Time in Korea?”


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