‘Fifteen Nights of Business Trip’…Han Hyo-ju and Kim Go-eun on the show

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

In tvN’s ‘Fifteen Nights of Business Trips (directed by Shin Hyo-jung, Ha Moo-sung)’, actors struggle to acquire welfare items for employees.

Actors Kim Go-eun, Park Hae-soo, Ahn So-hee, Lee Jin-wook, Choo Ja-hyun, Han Ji-min, and Han Hyo-joo will start acquiring products for the welfare of the employees of the agency in tvN ‘Fifteen Nights of Business Trip’ broadcast on the 28th. Among the product lineup, there is a product that is directly selected by actor Park Bo-young, a fellow actor of the same management company, which draws attention. This extremely realistic product, chosen by Park Bo-young, saying, “I have a high degree of loyalty,” drew cheers from employees as soon as it appeared. After hearing the response from the employees, the actors are going to play the game with higher tension than ever.

Kim Go-eun is actively engaged in product negotiations with PD Na Young-seok, foreshadowing laughter. Kim Go-eun, who sang an explosive response with a delightful appearance on the 21st (Fri), is expected to make an outstanding performance today. Kim Go-eun, who is usually a lover of ’15 days on a business trip’, tries to secure additional products with thorough logic and bargaining power with Han Hyo-joo. It is noteworthy whether Kim Go-eun and other actors will be able to successfully negotiate with Na PD, who has been through maternity battles in the game.

The game Na PD will present on this day is ‘Speak in a row’, and you can say words that fit the topic, but it is a game with high difficulty because it requires quickness. The main point to watch on this day is expected to be Choo Ja-hyun’s Hudang Moment. From the beginning, Choo Ja-hyun is expected to exude unaffected charm with her game skills that bring laughter. In addition, charms of Park Hae-soo, Ahn So-hee, Lee Jin-wook, and Han Ji-min, who are full of passion, visit viewers tonight.

tvN ‘Fifteen Nights of Business Trip’ airs every Friday at 10:20 pm. After the broadcast, the full version will be released on YouTube ‘Channel 15 Nights’.



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