‘Hong Kong family’ Kim Jeong-eun, husband and Pfizer vaccination

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Kim Jeong-eun was vaccinated against COVID-19 in Hong Kong with her husband.

On the 28th, Kim Jeong-eun posted a photo on Instagram with the words “vaccinated”.

In the photo, Kim Jeong-eun took a certification shot with her husband. She covered her face halfway with a mask, but she is still showing off her beauty, drawing attention. It also released a vaccination certificate. According to the photos released, it seems that Kim Jeong-eun received the first round of vaccination from Pfizer on that day.

When Kim Jeong-eun’s article was released, netizens responded with “Is the vaccine right?”, “Is the second time right in Hong Kong”, and “I had a hard time”.

Meanwhile, Kim Jeong-eun is living in Hong Kong after marrying her husband who worked in finance in 2016.


Photo| Kim Jung-eun SNS
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