‘MMTG’ 2PM Junho “Performance to loosen the belt? I intentionally did it.”

[Intern reporter Lee Ji-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Group 2PM’s Junho talked about the belt loosening performance.

On the YouTube channel “MMTG” on the 27th, “Junho, it’s been five years since I sold my house because of you.” Now tell me your home address. A video titled “Please (feat.FOX Junho)” was released.

In the video released, MC Jae-jae had a time with Junho to introduce the group 2PM’s “Com Snow Name (a masterpiece that will turn a blind eye to even if he makes a comeback).”

While talking about the performance of loosening the tie of the song “I’m Your Man,” Jae-jae asked, “I heard an unbelievable story that I loosened my belt at the concert. There was then a lot of speculation (about loosening the belt). I thought he would have turned around and released it in a cool way, but he was really more confident than anyone else in front of him,” he said, surprisingly, asking for clarification.”

“There is no room for explanation,” Junho said. “I chose this with a determination.”
“As the concert continued back and forth on the stage, I had to loosen my belt because I didn’t have a tie,” he said. “This was not the atmosphere when I was in the practice room because I was covered in sweat and sportswear.”

“When I unpacked the belt, all I could think about was ‘unscrew it quickly’,” Junho recalled.

Jae-jae explained the situation of the concert, saying, “At first, I doubted the fans’ reaction, but when he realized the situation, he screamed, ‘I loosened my belt!'” and gave laughter.

Junho’s group 2PM announced a full comeback with the goal of releasing a new album in late June, raising fans’ expectations.


Photo| YouTube’Civilization Express’ capture
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