‘Morning Yard’ Nam Neung-mi “I haven’t broadcast for 7 years because I’m raising my grandchildren”

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Nam Neung-mi revealed her thoughts on raising grandchildren.

In KBS1’s ‘Morning Yard’, which aired on the 28th, we talked on the theme of ‘blessing grandchildren and OO for raising grandchildren.

Nam Neung-mi said, “It is difficult when raising children. Still, I have my own pleasures, rewards, and dreams while raising kids. Isn’t there a dream at our age? But when I raise my grandchildren, I have a dream that I will raise them well and make a great person.”

“We have been broadcasting for 7 years, raising our grandchildren, and doing nothing and doing anything. That much the child grew up properly. My mother’s mother raised the kids, and they grow up straight. I like my grandmother and grandfather raising me,” she said.


Photo|Capture of KBS broadcasting screen

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