Nana confirmed to appear on Netflix ‘Glitch’ [Official]

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Nana continues her hard work with the original Netflix series “Glitch.”

According to her agency Pledis Entertainment, Nana has confirmed her appearance as Heo Bo-ra in the original Netflix series “Glitch,” signaling that she will show another acting color than she has shown before as an actress.

“Glitch” is a Netflix original series about UFO community members approaching the mysterious secret reality by chasing the whereabouts of those who disappeared with unidentified lights.

Nana’s role as Heo Bo-ra is a person who approaches the reality of mystery secrets with Hong Ji-hyo. As a result, many people are looking forward to seeing whether Nana will be able to play Heo Bo-ra with her unique acting.

In the drama “Good Wife” in 2016, Nana broke down into Kim Dan, a law firm researcher, and made a big impact on the public with her high-quality acting skills at the same time as her debut in a domestic drama. Since then, he has proved her solid acting skills regardless of genre, and since the movie “The Man,” which ended on the 13th, the drama “Oh! Even ‘Master’ proudly became a ‘trusted actor’ by injecting vitality into various characters ranging from frauds, detectives, prosecutors, district councilors, and top actors.

Nana, who received favorable reviews for her lovely romantic sensibility and aspect of Loco Queen in “Oh! My Landlord,” is expected to show a big transformation into a Heo Bo-ra who reveals the mystery in “Glitch,” drawing keen attention to Nana’s performance that will once again expand her acting spectrum.

Nana is stepping up efforts to shoot the original Netflix series “Glitch.”

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