‘Shh! Please take care of him’…Kim Seul-ki “People said my punch on the action was too weak”

Actress Kim Seul-ki. Photo|Noun Company

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Kim Seul-ki mentioned action acting.

KT Summer Drama Collage on the 28th afternoon. Shh! An online showcase for ‘Please Take Care of Him. Actors Kim Seul-ki, Song Ji-eun, Lee Ju-woo and Kang Yul attended the event, which was broadcast live online in the aftermath of the spread of Covid-19 (new coronavirus infection).

“I played the role of Bok Soo-hae,” Kim Seul-ki said. “It was a great opportunity for Na Gong-ju to propose Nemesis. My punch is quiet powerful.”

Kim Seul-ki said, “I personally thought I did a great job, but they teased me that I felt like a cat was punching me.” Considering that, I worked hard to prepare for action acting.

“Shh! Take Care of Him” is a comic melodrama about three women running a nail shop called “Nemesis” that happens by chance to take revenge on villains in the world, based on the novel “Shh, Take Care of Him” of the same name series of “Bliss,” a web novel platform run by KT’s content subsidiary.

The roles of “Bok Soo-hae,” “Jeon Seol” and “Na Gong-ju,” who run “Nemesis,” were played by Kim Seul-ki, Song Ji-eun and Lee Ju-woo, who have shown stable acting skills in various works, respectively. The burly man will have a pleasant fun by digesting characters with three different charms, including Bok Soo-hae (Kim Seul-ki), Jeon Seo (Song Ji-eun), and Na Gong-ju (Lee Joo-woo), the owner of a nuclear fist that blows up even a single blow, and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

“Shh! Take Care of Him” will be released on VOD on IPTV Olleh TV, OTT service Seezn, and satellite broadcast Skylife on the 28th, and will also be broadcast on SKY, a comprehensive entertainment channel, every Friday at 9:40 p.m.


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