Shin-ji “I’ve seen a ghost without face in a hotel”

[Intern reporter Lee Ji-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Shin-ji of Koyotae shared the experience of seeing a ghost.

Singer Shin-ji appeared as a guest on the KBS Joy entertainment program ‘Sseolvival’, which aired on the 27th. After the story of meeting a water ghost was introduced on this day, Shinji said, “I have seen a ghost.”

Shinji said, “It was at the time after releasing Koyotae’s 2nd album. At that time, we went to a local concert and stayed at a hotel.”

“There are two beds, so I slept in a bed close to the wall. There was a chair next to my bed. I lie down and talk to my stylist’s older sister, then I fell asleep. (By the way) My sister suddenly came behind her back (in a chair) and talked again. So I turned back,” she recalled.

Shin-ji said, “Why did you suddenly leave your bed and come here? I closed my eyes and opened it, but in that chair…”

“I was looking down at me from that chair, and my face was open.” “I heard later that the ghost I saw in that hotel haunted me very often. Since then, I have become scared of ghosts.”

Photo| KBS Joy’Survival’ broadcast screen
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