‘Spring Camp’ Kang Ho-dong, P.O, Song Min-ho, extreme visual ‘Kang Zupong’ storm eating

[Intern reporter Kim Jae-eun on the Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Spring Camp’ Kang Ho-dong, P.O., and Song Min-ho ate champon.

In the TVing entertainment program ‘New Journey to the West Special Spring Camp’, which was pre-released on the 28th, Kang Ho-dong cooked a champon ‘Kang Jupong’ with his know-how.

On this day, Kang Ho-dong said, “It’s so delicious. I thought it was just salty and spicy, but none of them are salty. Try it quickly. It’s really delicious. I am not over. It is a sachi gallery of taste. It is the 4th generation Jjambong,” he praised himself.

P.O, who ate champon doubting Kang Ho-dong’s words, said, “Wow, this is a real champon. It tastes like a Chinese restaurant. nonsense. It’s really delicious.” Song Min-ho was also surprised, saying, “It smells of thick coriander.”

Afterwards, the three people concentrated on ‘Kang jupong’ and continued to eat the storm. Kang Ho-dong said, “It’s a little embarrassing to say this because I did it, but it’s pretty good.”

Meanwhile, the members who left for the first camping in the spring were divided into the OB team of Kang Ho-dong, Lee Soo-geun, and Eun Ji-won, and the YB team of Ahn Jae-hyun, Kyu-hyun, Song Min-ho, and P.O. This time, they formed a new unit and left for the second camping.

The ‘Oh Ho-ho team’ with Kang Ho-dong, Song Min-ho, and P.O, and the ‘Jae Soo-eun team’ with Lee Soo-geun, Eun Ji-won, Ahn Jae-hyun, and Kyu-hyun. We are already looking forward to seeing what combination each team will use to induce laughter.

The TVing entertainment program ‘New Journey to the West Special Spring Camp’ will be released at 4 pm on the 28th, 6th episodes and 7th episodes at the same time.


Photo l Teabing’Spring Camp’

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