‘Sseolvival’ Shin-ji reveals “ex-boyfriend tried to borrow money while hospitalized”

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Shin-ji, who appeared as a guest with 3MC of ‘Sseolvival’, couldn’t hide her regret for the two previous stories.

Singer Shin-ji appeared as a guest on KBS Joy’s entertainment program ‘Sseolvival’, which aired on the 27th.

On this day, the broadcast was held under the theme of ‘Greepy Confession’, and the ‘Sexual’ topic became unanimous in the legendary tide. Another slice of ’30 years’ that caused Shin-ji and MCs to worry was a story about a mother who returned as a mother-in-law after 30 years.

The unanimous legend, ‘Sexual’, was about the sad death of a friend who thought it was a sexual pessimism. The storyteller, who introduced himself as one of the ‘heavy swordsman’, talked about a friend who died after the SAT. My friend, who had fallen to the college he wanted, ran away from home, and after a year passed the news of his death. I thought my friend died because he was pessimistic about his grades, but he died because his father revealed he wasn’t his real father. However, his father and her ex-boyfriend were so similar that I only raised questions from my friends.

After hearing all the stories, the MCs and Shinji responded that they could not understand their father’s actions, and couldn’t talk to them in regret. Shin-ji angered, “I don’t deserve to be in the position of Sangju. I stepped on the life of a 19 year old child in one word,” and the MCs also said, “If my son ran away, I should find it.”

On the other hand, on this day, Shin-ji told a story about’a lover who tried to benefit from me’ while talking about a creepy confession. Shin-ji shocked 3MC by exposing her boyfriend who asked for money to come and borrow money even though it says, “I came to the hospital while I was in the hospital.”

The new concept talk show ‘Sseolvival’, where people freely share opinions on a variety of topics regardless of subject matter and genre, will be broadcast every Thursday at 8:30 pm on KBS Joy.


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