‘Taxi Driver’ Lee Je-hoon picks up the last passenger…Serial killer Revenge begins

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

In, ‘Taxi Driver’ Rainbow Dark Heroes receives the last revenge quest.

SBS Friday and Saturday drama ‘Taxi Driver’ (played by Ji-Hyun Lee, Director Park Joon-woo), with only two episodes left until the end of the episode, released a scene still containing the appearance of Rainbow Dark Heroes ahead of the last revenge on the 28th, ahead of the 15th broadcast.

In the unveiled steel, Lee Je-hoon (playing Kim Do-gi) draws attention by picking up the last passenger in a model taxi. Lee Je-hoon’s expression of listening to his story along with the sorrowful expression of the client in the back seat is more serious than ever, prompting the curiosity of what kind of unfair story the client might have.

In the continued steel, Lee Je-hoon is looking at someone through the iron window, causing curiosity. However, with the terrifyingly cold look of Lee Je-hoon’s eyes creating an unusual atmosphere, his cool anger makes us guess the unpredictable story until the end.

In particular, in the 15th trailer released earlier, Kim Eui-seong (play the role of Mr Jang) surprised everyone by declaring the dissolution of Rainbow Dark Heroes. The atmosphere is heavily subsided with the scene of a serious meeting of the Rainbow Dark Heroes gathered at a hideout for the final revenge, raising questions about how they will design their final revenge.

On the other hand, on the 28th at 10 pm broadcast, Kim Do-gi and Rainbow Dark Heroes are planning to launch a revenge for the psychopath serial killer currently in prison. He was Oh Chul-young (played by Yang Dong-tak) who made the prosecutor Kang Hana (played by Lee Som) more energetic. Expectations are amplified as to what kind of revenge Rainbow Dark Heroes will take against inmates in prison.


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