‘Yearly Entertain ment’ Baek Ji-young “I really hated the title of ‘As if I was shot.'”


[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Baek Ji-young will reveal the behind-the-scenes story of her hit song “As If I was Shot.”

In KBS2’s live broadcast “Yearly Entertainment,” which will air on the 28th, we will meet news of Lee Seung-ki and Lee Da-in couple’s romantic relationship and the emotional explosion “Year Middle Playlist” stage of “Queen of Ballads.” In addition, the “woman running on the chart” where the extraordinary dreams of the stars are revealed and the interview with her second aunt, Kim Da-bi, who will give viewers pleasant energy with her pleasant charm. It is scheduled to fill Friday night with colorful news.

First of all, the “Year Middle Issue” deals with the dating news of Lee Seung-ki and Lee Da-in couple, who heated up the entertainment industry on the 24th. Lee Da-in admitted to dating shortly after rumors of a romantic relationship, and Lee Seung-gi belatedly announced his position, creating a new star couple. It is known that the two started dating about 6 months ago. Through a reporter who reported the romance rumor, Lee Seung-ki and Lee Da-in vividly share the love story.

At the time when the stars’ “luxury live” stage is held, Baek Ji-young, the “Queen of Ballads” will be on the “Yearly Playlist.” Expectations are high as Baek Ji-young’s signature hit songs “As If You Were Shot” and “Don’t Forget” are expected to be released along with the stage of her duet song “The Next Day” with Jang Pil-soon. From the story of “As if I was shot” where the title of the song was almost changed, to the behind-the-scenes story of Baek Ji-young’s hit song, to the funny story contained in the modifier of “Younghanam Duet Master.” It is rumored that Baek Ji-young turned the scene upside down with her witty talk. You can see the interview scene, which has become a sea of laughter, on “Live during the Year Live.”

In “The Woman Who Rides the Chart,” which will steal viewers’ attention, stars are different from their birth!?”The extraordinary conception of the stars is introduced.” From top actors to talented rappers, stars’ various conception dreams are set to be unveiled. “Is this birth dream real?” It is expected that the identity of a star with a blockbuster birth dream will be revealed, raising expectations. It is impossible to compare itself, and it can be seen in the broadcast on this day who will be the main character of the conception dream, which leads to the dream of the living.

In “Hot People,” I will meet my second aunt, Kim Da-bi, who released her first new song “Let’s Rise” in a year, following the much-loved “Jura Jura” in May last year. The music video of “Let’s Go Up” surpassed 1 million views in just one day after its release, and she is called a monster rookie by ranking second on the music site trot chart, giving off pleasant energy throughout the interview. Kim Shin-young’s secret to writing lyrics and a wake-up call from her second aunt Kim Da-bi. The scene of the interview with explosive tension will be revealed on “Yearly Entertainment.”

“Yearly Entertainment” will air on KBS2 at 8:30 p.m. on the 28th.

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