‘Choi Hwa-jung’s Power Time’ SG Boyz Revealed #Curious #Team Name #1 Promise (Comprehensive)

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Jay Park, Don Mills, Loco, and Nucksal of SG Boyz showed off their cool wit.

On the 31st, SBS Power FM’s ‘Choi Hwa-jung’s Power Time’, the SG Boyz, who debuted with the new song ‘I’m curious’, appeared as guests.

On this day, DJ Choi Hwa-jung introduced the SG Boyz, saying, “A big hip-hop group came out.” Choi Hwa-jung asked why the four gathered, and Park Jae-beom said, “I suddenly did it spontaneously.

There is content on YouTube, and it came from there to here. “I called Loco and asked him, ‘Do you have a schedule?'” she said, explaining the background of the group’s formation.

“I’m playing like a coincidence, and it’s a huge reaction Did you expect that?” asked Choi Hwa-jung. “In fact, it was on the news this morning. “It was a surprise. It was on the same show as here, ‘Morning Wide’. “There was a big hip-hop group,” she added.

Park Jae-beom shook his mouth, asking, “Isn’t it just because we’re coming out today?” “We kept it a secret, but it was on the news. “That’s how great it is,” he said, praising SG Boyz.

There was also talk about the team name. Choi Hwa-jung said, “I love the name of the hot boys. Who’s idea is that?” “It was built by Nucksal,” Don Mills said. Choi Hwa-jung smiled, saying, “Strong is an old saying,” and Nucksal said, “It’s one of the words I don’t use these days.” “It was better than English and I liked the word ‘Strong’,” he said, explaining the background of making the team name.

Asked by Choi Hwa-jung about the new song, Loco said, “I sang about what the members are curious about these days.” Park Jae-beom said, “There is a retro. I was a little bit aware of the trend.”

The “SG Boyz” also made a pledge to win first place on music shows. “I’m going to kickbox,” Don Mills said. “I want to go to amateur competitions and make my name known. Park Jae-beom made an unconventional pledge, “Then I will take off my shirt with Loco and Mad Monster.” Choi Hwa-jung was surprised and asked, “Will it be possible?” Park Jae-beom and Loco laughed, saying, “If we win first place.”

“I was originally going to do bungee jumping or sky diving,” said Nucksal, who suggested Park to shave his head. “Nucksal should not shave his head,” said Choi Hwa-jung. “It’s a trademark of Nucksal,” she said. “You can’t shave your head,” said Nucksal. I have to wear a wig. Then why are you doing it?” he said.

Meanwhile, the band released their debut song “Prod. GRAY” on the 28th. “Prod. Gray” is a sweet, sweet serenade of the SG Boyz for female attraction. The group is a four-member boy group with members Park Jae-beom, Don Mills, Loco and Nucksal.


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