‘Don’t be the First One!’ Paeng Hyun-sook and Choi Yang-rak, kiss for the first time in 20 years while practicing artificial respiration

[Maeil Economic Daily Star Today Intern Reporter Jae-eun Kim]

Comedian Paeng Hyun-sook kissed her husband Choi Yang-rak while practicing artificial respiration.

In the JTBC entertainment program ‘Don’t be the First One!’, which aired on the 30th, Paeng Hyun-sook practiced artificial respiration with Choi Yang-rak.

On this day, Hyeon-sook Pang laid her husband Choi Yang-rak in the living room and prepared for artificial respiration practice. Paeng Hyun-sook, who first practiced CPR, hurt Choi Yang-rak by pressing his stomach instead of his chest. Choi Yang-rak quarreled with Hyeon-sook Peng, asking if it was right to do that. Paeng Hyun-sook showed the book and said, “I really did what I said here.”

Afterwards, Paeng Hyun-sook touched Choi Yang-rak’s lips to practice artificial respiration. Choi Yang-Rak was anxious, saying, “What are you going to do?” Paeng Hyun-sook said, “I do what the book says. it’s a mistake Be still as I tell you to.” After saying, she kissed Choi Yang-rak in surprise.

Park Mi-sun, who watched this video in the studio, laughed, saying, “I think I was aiming for this.” Shim Jin-hwa also said, “This is a big picture for this.”

Paeng Hyun-sook said, “Actually, we haven’t kissed in over 20 years. That’s why I did it at the same time to try it then.”

Meanwhile, JTBC’s entertainment program ‘Don’t be the First One!’ airs every Sunday at 10 PM.


Photo l JTBC ‘Can’t Be No. 1’ broadcast capture

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