‘Mine’ Cha Hak-yeon “Soo-hyuk who doesn’t hide his feelings, is quite similar with my character”

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[Maeil Economic Daily Star Today reporter Seong Jeong-eun]

Cha Hak-yeon of tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Mine” captivated the hearts of women by showing the pure charm of “The Man in Love.” Soo-hyuk’s bold expression of the change in Soo-hyuk’s growing heart for Yoo-yeon gave a strong impact for a short moment.

In “Mine” (playwright Baek Mi-kyung, director Lee Na-jung, planning studio dragon, and production JS Pictures), which aired on 25th and 26th, Su-hyuk started straight toward Yoo-yeon (played by Jung Seo), leading the story interestingly.

The broadcast on this day was a big episode of Han Soo-hyuk, a grandson of the chaebol.

Soo-hyuk, who was angry when he heard that Yoo-yeon moved to another workplace at the order of Seo-hyun (Kim Seo-hyung), visited Seo-hyun (Kim Seo-hyung), said, “She’s the woman I like,” and said, “It doesn’t matter if I’m unhappy. “I’ve never been happy, so there’s nothing more to be unhappy about,” said the self-helpful words, hinting at the wounds and pain of Su-hyuk, who has lived his life indifferently in compliance with the family’s expectations. Seo-hyun, who urges her to end her relationship with Yoo-yeon, shows a firm commitment, saying her father and herself are different, who made her mother unhappy. Soon, the expression of loneliness and sadness added to viewers’ immersion.

Meanwhile, amid growing questions about Soo-hyuk’s intention to hurry up and get engaged to No Ah-rim (Jang Ha-eun) as the family wishes, Su-hyuk, who entered the meeting with a cold face, will not get engaged to Ah-rim. Declaring war increased the tension in the play. “I don’t like her. I won’t pretend that I like someone, even though I don’t like.” Hyowon confronted the people of the family head-on and announced a new development.

In the process, Cha Hak-yeon drew attention with the straightforward charm of Soo-hyuk’s character, who is transparent in front of love without hiding her heart. Perfectly assimilated into Soo-hyuk’s character, who began to move straight after realizing her growing heart toward Yoo-yeon, showed her presence with sad eyes that were shaking not to be swayed and sometimes pure and cute like a boy.

Cha Hak-yeon said, “I sympathized with Soo-hyuk, who met Yoo-yeon, changing little by little. I want to get to know people I like, become alike, and have an honest side that doesn’t hide my feelings, and I felt that Soo-hyuk and I actually resemble each other a lot. I hope you will pay attention to what kind of choices Soo-hyuk will make in the future to protect Yoo-yeon and himself.”

The tvN drama “Mine” airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9 p.m.


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