Sayuri, special MC for ‘Estranged Couple’… candid talk

[Maeil Economic Daily Star Today reporter Jin Hyang-hee]

Sayuri, a popular broadcaster who gave birth to a son Zen by choosing ‘voluntary single mother’, will be the special MC for ‘Estranged Couple’.

On the 31st, the production team of Channel A and SKY Channel co-produced the full-fledged 19-karat gold couple talk show ‘Estranged Couple’ said, “‘Zen Mom’ Sayuri, who returned after becoming a mother of a son, appeared as a special MC by 5MC Choi Hwa-jung. She finished filming with Hong Jin-kyung, Ahn Seon-young, Lee Yong-jin, and Yang Jae-jin.”

According to the production team, Sayuri, who still has a quirky and lovely appearance, made the studio atmosphere hotter with her honest and bold talk, and also released a realistic ‘parenting single mother’ story, the back door that made the MCs do not realize the passage of time.

In addition, the production team said, “Sayuri, who is playing the role of mother and father at the same time, sympathized with the day’s ‘Road Drama’, which dealt with a special story, as if it was her own work, and destroyed existing MCs with unique reactions and comments.” After giving birth, Sayuri, who has been walking through the broadcasters with her more honest ‘No Filter’ talk, is raising expectations about what kind of words she would have left in ‘Estranged Couple’.

The full-fledged 19-gold couple talk show ‘Estranged Couple’, featuring ‘Honest Wacky Icon’ and special MC Sayuri, will be broadcast on Channel A and SKY channels at 10:30 pm on Monday, June 7.

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