Shin Joo-ah expressed anger over her husband’s affiliation with Ham So-won

[Maeil Business Star Today reporter Kim So-yeon]

Actress Shin Joo-ah was angry at her husband’s unauthorized use of photographs and the spread of false information.

Shin Joo-ah wrote on her Instagram story on the 31st, “Dear Youtuber. You’ll get in trouble if you don’t get off! What’s wrong with you?” and posted a photo.

The photo contains a video posted by YouTuber EASY on the 26th. EASY said, ‘Ham So-won, showed up with a strange man’. He posted a video titled “A shocking reality of Ham So-won, who hid the shocking truth and deceived the entire nation by imitating chaebols,” and used a photo that appeared to be a composite of pictures of Shin’s husband and Ham So-won.

The title alone is expected to tell the story of Shin’s husband and Ham So-won, but the video only mentions Ham So-won’s past controversies, and there is no mention of Shin’s husband. Using pictures that have nothing to do with the contents of the video and using misleading titles. In response, Internet users criticized Shin Joo-ah’s husband for “why she is involved with Ham So-won,” “Shin Joo-ah has to file a lawsuit against this Youtuber.” “What are you doing?” and “Why are you involved with unrelated people?”

photo| Shin Joo-ah SNS
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