A new episode of ‘Real Money’ begins… Miran joined

Real Money. Provided by Mnet

[Maeil Economic Daily Star Today reporter Park Se-yeon]

Mnet’s digital original content “Reel Money” is back in the second story.

“Reel Money” is a label established by rapper Lil Boy with a grant of 100 million won in prize money given as a perk for the winner of Mnet’s “Show Me the Money 9.” In February, a new episode was released on the 31st following the release of the new song “FRIENDS” along with the process of establishing the label through Mnet digital original content “Real Money.”

Lilboy showed a tough rapper, declaring that he would “do gangster hip-hop from now on” before starting in earnest. Lilboy, who has recently announced that he will do hip-hop, has hired Lilmoshfit and Miran as new artists in addition to his existing members, Onestein and Slom.

“I want to do music that can shake my head,” said Miran, the real winner of “Show Me 9.” “I’m growing my hair to shake my head,” Lilboy and Wonstein said. When Miran asked for dessert twice a day, Lilmoshfit said, “Stop talking about food.” However, Miran doesn’t care, saying, “I’m curious because he’s a rookie. “Please look at me pretty.” Lilmoshfit was furious and showed his true character as a groovy room Whee Min, giving a smile.

Lilboy prepared a group outfit to cheer for Lil Money’s new start and new artists. The members were satisfied with the better quality and design than expected, and Lilboy was embarrassed by the unexpected response.

The members staged a celebratory stage where they changed each other’s hit songs at the joining ceremony to show the direction of “Reel Money.” Lilboy and Onestein played “VVS,” which was loved by many people in “Show Me the Money 9.”
Lilboy and Onestein performed on stage with their unique lyrics and flow. Miran reinterpreted “When Tomorrow Comes” and prepared a hip vibe stage as an answer song. The three featured on each other’s stage and showed perfect breathing, making them look forward to a new project of “Reel Money” that they would create together.

“Really Money” will be released every Monday, and the new song of “Really Money” will be released at 6 p.m. on June 16.


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