Lee Hye-sung, the secret to weighing 41 kg?… “Walk 4-5 km a day”

[Maeil Economic Daily Star Today intern reporter Lee Ji-young]

Broadcaster Lee Hye-sung cited walking as a secret to maintaining a weight of 41kg.

On the 1st, Lee Hye-sung said on her YouTube channel, Hye-sung, “Why did I quit the running machine? Let’s walk with Hye-sung.” It released a video titled ‘Let’s Go, Kkomang.’ In the video, Lee Hye-sung climbed a mountain with her sister and dog.

Asked how long she walks a day, Lee Hye-sung said, “Even if I don’t take a gym or PT, I think I walk for 4 to 5 kilometers unconditionally.” “It’s about 40 to 50 minutes away,” she said. “When I try to go to Dangsan Station, I get off at Hapjeong Station (one stop before), or I walk one stop from where I am,” she said.

“In the past, I thought I had to go to the gym to exercise,” Lee Hye-sung said. I like just walking outside these days. I climbed a lot due to Covid-19. “I went hiking about three times a week last fall,” she said.

“I’ve been doing a lot of high-intensity fitness exercises, and I’ve learned that it’s not necessarily good for me,” he said It’s not good for your knees to hit a lot of weight. “I think my ankle weakened because I was too heavy,” she said. “I think walking and hiking are the exercises that I can do in a way that doesn’t strain my body.”

“The 30-minute treadmill at the gym is boring, but it’s not boring to walk outside. I walk a lot when I’m stressed out or have a hard time in my head. “When I walk with a cup of coffee, my thoughts are organized,” he said, expressing the advantages of walking.

“There are stairs on the subway and an escalator next to it,” she said. “Everyone is on an escalator, but I take the stairs alone.” My older sister admired, saying, “Walking has become a daily routine.”

“Until my early and mid-20s, I wore a lot of heels in my daily life. When I was in college, I wore high heels even though there were many hills at school. But I think I have to wear sneakers to walk a lot. “When I wear high heels, I carry sneakers in my shopping bag,” he said, expressing her love for walking.

Lastly, Lee Hye-sung said she likes to visit famous restaurants after hiking, and introduced that there are tteokbokki in Achasan Mountain, chueotang in Gwanaksan Mountain, and fried chicken in Mudeungsan Mountain. Lee Hye-sung said, “If you eat after two hours of hiking, you won’t gain weight.”

Lee Hye-sung recently made headlines by saying that she achieved 41kg after successfully losing weight. Lee Hye-sung has been dating Jeon Hyun-moo, a former KBS announcer, since 2019.


Photo ㅣ Captured from YouTube’s ‘Hyesung’
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