‘Nordic Europe with Carrier’ Song Eun-yi “I definitely wanted to see Kim Hye-soo’s bookshelf”

[Maeil Economic Daily Star Today reporter Seong Jeong-eun]

Broadcaster Song Eun-yi raised expectations for the first broadcast by delivering a one-on-one answer to the entertainment program “Nordic Europe with Carrier.”

The entertainment program “Nordic Europe with Carrier,” which will be first broadcast on LG Hello Vision, LG U+ and The Life Channel on June 7, is a book entertainment show that fills the corner of the local library by sending books that had been asleep in a book carrier.

MC Song Eun-yi, Kim Sook, Yoo Se-yoon, and author Kim Joong-hyuk will wake up the books that were asleep in the study, from the guest’s study to the life books affected by the guest, to the TMI book quiz with life stories and stories.

In particular, Song Eun-yi announced the birth of a differentiated entertainment program once again, and about a week before the first broadcast, she told the story of the program and pointed out the point to watch for viewers waiting for the show.
Next is Song Eun-yi and one question and one answer.

– What made you plan a program called “Nordic Europe with Carrier” and why did you choose “Book” as the subject of the entertainment program?

Although it is somewhat difficult to plan an entertainment program that can fill an hour only with the medium of “books,” there was a great desire to produce book entertainment programs. A book may be just a dusty book for someone, but I thought that if it was delivered to someone else, another great story would be written.

Therefore, not only did it draw social donations and sharing through various channels such as celebrities, various companies, and SNS, but it also delivered books to libraries in 12 regions across the country to convey the meaning of books and the small impression of practicing sharing. LG Hello Vision also has a need to produce a program with the same meaning as ours, so we are going to produce it together.

– I wonder why the book carrier method, which is widely used as a book donation method, was introduced among various items.

It is said that dividing books is like dividing the future. Especially these days, it is difficult to travel freely as before, so I wanted to reflect on the meaning with books containing many stories and carriers that can go anywhere. Wouldn’t a book be an indicator of a question mark or period for someone on a journey called life? Also, I hope that it will be an opportunity to comfort and impress neighbors who are tired of COVID-19.

– How did you organize and cast the MCs?

Since it is a reading entertainment program, I thought it was important to cast people who could speak freely at various eye levels rather than leaning toward one side. Kim Sook is shy of books and strangers, so she can speak comfortably at a similar level, and Yoo Se-yoon is a beginner who started reading books when she started the program, so she can speak at the level of a person who just started reading. So the chemistry between Kim Sook and Yoo Se-yoon, who argue like a combination, is also a fun point. Finally, writer Kim Joong-hyuk is very reliable because he plays the role of a knowledge guide to fill the gaps that he lacks meticulously.

-How did you feel about the first recording of the teaser?

Reading entertainment programs may have a calm atmosphere, but they are not. As seen in the teaser, I am confident that the atmosphere and teamwork are the best. The meaning of the program is meaningful, but the fun was melted along with it, so I had a lot of fun throughout the recording.

– The first and second guests were released, and I wonder how it felt to see Yang Hee-eun and Kim Yoon-ah’s bookshelf.

Yang Hee-eun and Kim Yoon-ah are famous entertainment people. Looking at the bookshelf of many readers, it was a very interesting time as if they were entering another world in the closet from the Chronicles of Narnia. Although the two guests have a common denominator as singers, the color of the bookshelf was different depending on their lives, and I think it was a possible experience because it was “Nordic Europe with Carrier.”

– Personally, I’d love to see Kim Hye-soo’s bookshelf. If there’s a guest who does it, who is it?

I really want to see actress Kim Hye-soo’s bookshelf. I heard that she is very well known for reading a lot of books, and if there is a book he wants to read abroad, he personally asks for translation.

– What is the main point of watching for “Nordic Europe with Carrier”?

For those who don’t particularly like books, it will be fun to look into a piece of life that each celebrity has lived, and it will be a time for readers to get recommendations for new books.

– What are the characteristics of ‘Nordic Europe with Carrier’ compared to other Song Eun-yi’s entertainment shows?

If the entertainment I’ve produced has been a customized entertainment for talented celebrities, the characteristic of “Nordic Europe with Carrier” is that you can listen to various stories of celebrities within the material and format of “Book.”

– What kind of program do you want to be for your viewers?

I hope it will be an opportunity for viewers to get closer to the book, starting with their interest in it. I hope that “Nordic Europe with Carrier” will make you feel more friendly and have a reading habit.

“Nordic Europe with Carrier”, which will premiere on June 7, will be available on LG HelloVision Channel 25, The Life Channel (LG Uplus 39, SKbtv 67, LG HelloVision 38), and U+TV and U+MobileTV.


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