Onewe, comeback with new mini album ‘Planet Nine: Alter Ego’ on June 16

[Maeil Economic Daily Star Today reporter Lee Da-gyeom]

The talented boy band ONEWE has confirmed their comeback on the 16th of next month.

Onewe (Yonghoon, Kanghyeon, Harin, Dongmyung, Kia) unveiled the motion logo of the first mini-album ‘Planet Nine: Alter Ego’ through the official SNS at 00:00 on the 31st, and announced the news of the release of the new album.

The video, which started with a scene of heavy rain falling on a dark background, draws attention by revealing the logo in the shape of a distal circle one after another as if paint spreads with the sound of rain.

Since then, the album name and release date of Onewe’s first mini-album ‘Planet Nine: Alter Ego’ were revealed for the first time, raising expectations for a comeback.

In particular, this album is even more meaningful as it is a new album released by Onewe in six months after the single album ‘MEMORY: illusion’ released in December last year, and the first mini-album released after their debut.

Starting with their debut single ‘1/4’, and continuing the ‘Fountain Series’ and ‘Planet Series’, Onewe has established themselves as a talented boy band by performing all musical work, from singing and performing to songwriting.

As Onewe has built its own music world with the aspect of a unique genius band, from rock ballads, retro, hip-hop, etc. to a wide spectrum and brilliant band performances, the first mini-album ‘Planet Nine: Alter Ego’ has a different look. Attention is paid to whether it will show.

Meanwhile, Onewe will make a comeback with the release of their first mini-album ‘Planet Nine: Alter Ego’ on the 16th of next month.


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