‘Playing Sister’ Han Yu-mi, unable to attend the recording replacing Park Se-ri

[Maeil Economic Daily Star Today Intern Reporter Jae-eun Kim]

Former volleyball player Han Yu-mi showed a special friendship with Pak Se-ri.

In the E-channel entertainment program “Playing Sister,” which was pre-released on the 1st, Han Yu-mi connected with Pak Se-ri, who was absent from the recording after being confirmed to have Covid-19. Pak Se-ri was confirmed to have Covid-19 on April 24 and resumed her activities on May 9 after being declared completely cured.

In the video, Han Yu-mi answered Park Se-ri’s phone call and said, “The coloring didn’t even ring. We’re at Soyang River now. “How are you doing with your meal?” 

“It’s like I’m shooting an old boy to give you a lunch box,” Pak said with a sigh. The menu is fine, but I don’t like lunch boxes. “Thanks to this, I’m naturally on a diet,” she said.

When Park Se-ri asked, “Are you happy that you don’t have me?” Han Yu-mi, who witnessed Kwak Min-jung smiling, told Park Se-ri, “Yu-mi liked Min-jung,” drawing laughter. Kwak Min-jung said,  I feel empty without Se-ri.”

Other members also felt empty without Park Se-ri, realizing her absence. Pak Se-ri showed off her eldest sister’s pose by reassuring the members, saying, “I’m doing well safely, so don’t worry and have fun.”

E-channel entertainment show ‘Playing Sister’ airs every Tuesday at 8:50 p.m.


Photoㅣ E-channel ‘Nothing Sister’

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