SHINee’s Minho sees off Taemin for military service… “I’m always on your side”

[Maeil Economic Daily Star Today intern reporter Lee Ji-young]

Group SHINee member Minho sent off Taemin’s enlistment.

On the 31st, Minho posted on his Instagram, “I’m always on your side… Taemin, stay healthy and go. I’m always by your side. I support you and I love you♥”

In the published photo, Minho, who visited Taemin’s enlistment site together, took a V pose while looking at the camera in the car. Unlike Minho, whose bangs are visible even though he is wearing a baseball cap, Taemin, who has his hair cut short, cannot see the hair under the hat. Outside the window, a large crowd and soldiers made us guess that it was in front of the training camp.

Netizens commented, “There was Minho in the car too. Thank you for seeing me off until the end”, “Taemin, take care and take care of yourself”, “I hope you stay healthy. I love you,” and sent cheers to Taemin, who will fulfill his military duty.

Taemin enlisted in the military band on the same day. After receiving basic military training at the Army Training Center, he will be assigned to his own squadron as a military band member.

photo| Minho SNS
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