‘The House Detox’ Brother Lee Sang-ho and Lee Sang-min found a mask pack that was 10 years old?

[Maeil Economic Daily Star Today reporter Shin Young-eun]

Brothers Lee Sang-ho & Lee Sang-min, the representative twins of the gag industry who returned as trot singers, will unveil a house with no cleaning.

In tvN’s “The House Detox” (directed by Kim Yoo-gon and Kim Sang-ah), twin comedians Lee Sang-ho and Lee Sang-min will come with their worries about organizing the house, which they claim is the average of the Korean men’s living rooms. After spending a lot of time at home after the end of the long-time program “Gag Concert,” the twin brothers’ house, which has come to feel the need for organization, raises questions about what it will look like.

They are versatile twins with wit and singing skills, but they never clean up house. Starting with shoes lined up in front of the front door even if there is a space in the shoe closet, it predicts an all-time mess house where three to four items are basic because they cannot remember if they already exist.

On top of that, the situation has become more chaotic as office supplies such as computers and desks have recently been introduced into the house while organizing personal broadcasting offices. Yoon Kyun-sang, who sided with him, said, “This is the house where two men live alone,” and lost his words.

In particular, the broadcast on this day features all-time over-the-top shelf life items in the history of “New Theorem.” Rumor has it that the new organizing group is in shock due to a series of appearances from mask packs that have been well over 10 years to seaweed that has matured for more than 4 years. The performance of the “new investigation team” comparable to CSI is expected to catch the eye.

The biggest reason for the mess in the house is the twin brothers’ arrangement. The Cold War has lasted for years, with daily squabbling, blaming and delaying each other. “If you throw it, I throw it too,” he said. “The closet reminds me of the market.” With twice as much clothing, shoes, and twice as much shock as dizziness, this arrangement is full of customized tips for students living alone, raising expectations. Attention is focusing on how the brother’s house, which was transformed into a nest of good twins at the house, would have been reborn.

Meanwhile, tvN’s “The House Detox” is a program that organizes things in my own space, “Home,” and shares know-how to add happiness to the space. It airs every Monday night at 10:30 p.m.


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