‘Voice 4’ Invitational Killer Poster Unveiled…A new villain is coming, after Kim Jae-wook and Kwon Yul

[Maeil Economic Daily Star Today reporter Shin Young-eun]

A poster of the all-time invitation killer who will trap Song Seung-heon and Lee Ha-na of tvN’s “Voice 4” has been released.

The poster released by tvN’s Friday-Saturday drama “Voice 4: Time of Judgment” (directed by Shin Yong-hwi/written by Ma Jin-won/produced studio dragon, Voice Production/14 episodes) on the 1st showed Villain with the most powerful ability throughout the entire season.

“Voice 4” is a sound-chasing thriller that depicts the fierce record of 112 reporting center members who defend golden time at crime scenes. Season 4 will feature a new Golden Time collaboration between a voice profiler who is cornered by a criminal with the same ability as him, with a murderer committing a brutal crime with invitation power.

In the poster released in this regard, the invitation-powered villain is holding a walkie-talkie in a black raincoat. The creepy atmosphere of the Black Force causes goosebumps. Questions are mounting about the villain, who will follow Mo Tae-gu (played by Kim Jae-wook) of Season 1, Bang Je-soo (played by Kwon Yul) of Season 2, and Masayuki Kaneki (played by Park Byung-eun) of Season 3.

Meanwhile, the teaser video released earlier predicted the emergence of an all-time supernatural killer, drawing attention. With an eerie smile, he led Derek Cho (Song Seung-heon), a “principalist detective,” to the murder scene, ordered the withdrawal of the Golden Time team on behalf of Kang Kwon-joo (Lee Ha-na), and sent him a murder notice titled “You and I are Siamese twins.”

As such, Villain, who appears in season 4, is a serial killer with excellent invitational power like Kang Kwon-joo, who uses his hearing to commit brutal murders.
Unlike Kang Kwon-joo, who listens to the sound of life with “saving ears,” who listens to the sound of death with “killing ears” and how they will be intertwined in the future is already drawing keen attention to the invitational competition.

“Season 4 features the greatest villain of all time,” said tvN’s “Voice 4” crew. “The more powerful murderer is sneaky, vicious and has the strongest ability to use invitation power. Song Seung-heon and Lee Ha-na, who will follow the victim better at the scene and listen to the victim’s voice, will reveal their ugly crimes through a joint investigation, so please show a lot of interest and affection.”

Meanwhile, tvN’s Friday-Saturday drama “Voice 4” will premiere at 10:50 p.m. on Friday, June 18.


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