‘Voice King’ Poppin Hyun-jun vs Yang Dong-geun

[Maeil Economic Daily Star Today reporter Jin Hyang-hee]

Performance king Poppin Hyunjun and Yang Donggeun will face off in ‘Voice King’.

MBN’s mega vocal survival “Voice King” (planned/directed by Park Tae-ho) is bringing viewers to the front of the TV on Tuesday night, pouring out powerful performances every time. Performances such as performances that are eye-catching are creating a “Voice King” syndrome.

In the eighth episode of “Voice King,” which will be broadcast today (1st), a match between performance king Poppin Hyun-joon and Yang Dong-geun will be held.
Attention is focused on the meeting of performance craftsmen who have recorded high scores on the legendary stage every round.

In particular, Poppin Hyun-joon, who was at the center of the talk by setting up a “Someone’s Dream” stage with an unconventional Joker costume in the second round, is said to have heralded a stage beyond this.

As he assured, the unconventional performance, which combines Psy’s “Champion” with Korea’s own folk games, once again shuddered the site.

On the other hand, hip-hop king Yang Dong-geun performed “Cigarette Shop Lady” with world-renowned dancer Aiki, which made the king maker, audience evaluation team, and even participants in the waiting room. The rampant world class performance battle has confused kingmakers who have to evaluate.

What stage did Poppin Hyunjun and Yang Dong-geun prepare? Who will win the victory after this fierce competition? The eighth episode of MBN’s “Voice King” will air at 9:50 p.m. on June 1.


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