‘Youn’s Kitchen’ PD Lee Jin-ju’s new work ‘Transfer Love’, first released on June 25 [Official]

[Maeil Economic Daily Star Today reporter Shin Young-eun]

TVing Original’s new love reality program “Transfer Love” has confirmed its first release on June 25, drawing attention with teaser posters.

TVing Original “Transfer Love” is not just a love reality program, but a love reality program that will create a consensus on the breakup that anyone has experienced at least once, such as reuniting with their ex-lover or meeting new people.

In the meantime, an unusual poster suitable for the word “transfer” attracts attention. In the poster, the question “Where is your heart headed?” and the option “eX or New” are presented, raising interesting questions.

If you look closely at the same poster on the subway line, the current location is “transfer romance” station for separated couples, the previous station is “eX” on the left and right, and the next station is “New,” suggesting the situation of those who will be at a crossroads of choice between ex-lover and new lovers.

In addition to the words “X-GIRLFRIEND” and “X-BOYFRIEND”, various emotional words such as “JEALOUS”, “PALPITATE”, “NERVOUS”, “NOVELTY” and “CHERISH” are named under each line name, and a clear heart is completed.
I wonder about the unique journey of love of “Transfer Love,” which will only find where the heart is headed after spending various emotional moments.

Armed with freshness that breaks the mold of the existing love reality, “Transfer Love” is drawing attention as the first original program presented by producer Lee Jin-joo, who created mega-hit films such as tvN’s “Yoon’s Restaurant,” “Three Meals a Day” and “Youth Over Flowers.” Expectations are rising on how producer Lee Jin-joo’s unique beautiful visual beauty in the program will be implemented in the love reality and what empathy and immersion will be given.

TVing’s love reality show “Transfer Love,” which will raise viewers’ love index this summer, will be unveiled for the first time as the original TVing show on June 25 (Friday).


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