Kim Hyung-ja, born in rich house, had to move to a single room in slum? (‘TV carries love’)

[Maeil Economic Daily Star Today reporter Seong Jeong-eun]

Actress Kim Hyung-ja tells the story of living in a single room, though her parents were rich in her childhood. Kim Hyung-ja is devastated to hear about the recent situation of a high school alumni who served as a haven.

KBS2’s “TV Carries Love,” which will air on the 2nd, will reveal the story of actor Kim Hyung-ja, who went on a time trip to the 60s and 70s.

On this day, Kim Hyung-ja visited a place similar to her old neighborhood under the guidance of MC Kim Won-hee and Hyun Joo-yeop.

Kim Hyung-ja, who was looking at the friendly scenery with slate roofs and googongtan as if she had moved the village in the 1960s, was deeply moved.

Kim Hyung-ja, who said, “six people, including my mother and five daughters, lived in a cramped room,” recalled her poor school days, saying, “She even applied essence to her face after picking a sponge instead of a lotion.”

Kim Hyung-ja then surprised the MCs by revealing that she was born between a mother who was originally a daughter of a county governor and a father who was a son of a rich family.

Her father, who went to Seoul to do business when she was seven years old, did not return, so she went to find her with her mother and witnessed something like a movie there. It is said that the lives of Kim Hyung-ja and her family have been completely reversed since the incident, raising questions about what shocking event there was.

On the other hand, during the poor high school days, her friend’s room, which was equipped with everything from ramen to bread, became a precious and grateful resting place for Kim Hyung-ja.

As Kim Hyung-ja was a daughter of a rich family at the time, she expected, “Isn’t she now the wife of a great family?” However, she was devastated to hear the unexpected news revealed during the tracking process and is interested in what happened and whether the two friends who shared their memories of high school will be able to reunite after 52 years.

Her turbulent life, which overcame time travel and poverty in the 60s and 70s with Kim Hyung-ja, can be seen on KBS2’s “TV Carries Love,” which airs at 8:30 p.m. on the 2nd.

Photo courtesy of KBS 2TV ‘TV is loaded with love’
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