One-time Song Baek-kyung said a sex worker asked him to meet a prostitution

[Reporter Byun Deok-ho, Intern]

Song Baek-kyung, a former voice actor from hip-hop group One Time, responded tactfully to the proposal for an illegal meeting.

Song Baek-kyung posted two pictures of his conversation with a netizen who proposed prostitution through Facebook messages on his Instagram in the morning of the 2nd.

In the photo, a woman continued to say to Song Baek-kyung, “Meeting with prostitution for 3 hours for 150,000;  250,000 won for 8 hours.”

Then Song Baek-kyung replied, “I’m One Time, I don’t have any interest in prostitution.”

“I encountered someone on Facebook, so I accepted the friend request,” he said. “As soon as I became a friend, she suddenly talked to me about prostitution.”

He added, “I said ‘I’m one-time’ not to lose my identity, and no more answers have been received since then.”

Some Internet users responded by saying, “I’m a kill point and I’m a kill point,” and “I’m a kill point.”

Meanwhile, Song Baek-kyung debuted in 1998 as a hip-hop group One Time. Since then, he has announced that he has passed the 2019 KBS exclusive voice test, and has been continuing his activities recently by releasing a single “Each other” involving MBC’s Chung Jae-heon and KBS’ Choi Jung-yoon.

Photo l Song Baek-kyung’s Instagram capture

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