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Go Eun-young. Photo | Reporter Kang Young-guk

[Maeil Business Star Today reporter Yang So-young]

‘Vote Young Ones’, which depicts Ko Eun-young’s left-handed election campaign as observed by director Min Hwan-ki, finds the screen.

On the afternoon of the 2nd, a preview and press conference for the movie ‘Vote Young Ones’ was held at CGV Yongsan I’Park Mall in Seoul.

‘Vote Young Ones’ is director Min Hwan-ki’s fifth feature-length documentary, who has been constantly observing the anxieties and challenges of youth, such as ‘Mr. Company’ (2014) and ‘Jeju Note’ (2018). It contains the process of the election campaign of Ko Eun-young, a 32-year-old Jeju migrant woman with no political experience, who ran for the 2018 local election as a candidate for the Jeju provincial governor.

Director Min Hwan-ki said, “I was working on a different project in Jeju in 2016. Around that time, I got to know Kp Eun-young and the young friends around her. Ko Eun-young said she was running for governor, so I wondered why she was leaving. I wondered if that was possible, and there were people who were in the Green Party at the time who knew it, and I thought it would be interesting to shoot this election, and I thought it could solve my doubts.”

When asked how she felt when she first received the documentary offer, Ko Eun-young said, “There was no serious discussion, and of course I was impressed that it was so good. After that, there were two directors, and the party member and best friend did the side shoot. The three recorders were like a camper, like a family. At first, I was like, ‘Wow,’ but later, I thought that we were going to hold an election together, and I didn’t think that I was filming a documentary myself, so I treated him comfortably.”

“I have been thinking about this recently,” he said. I didn’t intend to make a narrative as an election documentary, but I think it would be helpful to young politicians as a documentary that really observes and draws a journey. At the time, I had no idea, but now that I think about it, I wondered if there was such a meaning.”

Director Min Hwan-ki said, “We filmed with other cinematographers. Director Lee Eun-taek filmed the part where director Ko Eun-young appeared, and most of the rest was filmed by me. Actually, even though I was the director, I didn’t follow Ko Eun-young. The reason I wanted to think of it as a story of people who voluntarily and collectively have passion. That’s how it started, and the movie tried to go in that direction, and I tried to keep the balance. As one of them, I wanted to portray it as a story of personal growth, but as a process in which people who are foreign to politics persuade their existence through politics.”

Directed by Min Hwan-ki. Photo | Reporter Kang Young-guk

Ko Eun-young said, “There are many scenes that I did not know. At the DMZ International Documentary Film Festival, there are scenes added today. I only acted as a candidate in the second half of the election. Played the role of a sedan and played a role as a player. That’s why I have to manage my condition, so I gather at night to have strategy meetings, but I couldn’t attend those meetings. I had to go home, get some sleep, get a quick rest, and show people my best condition tomorrow, and it was something we agreed to,” she recalled at the time of filming.

“At the time, I thought something like that happened. Although I was the leader, I had no election experience, and I delegated everything to the various people shown in the film and focused on my role. I became a team building for a year in the community, and it was the first time I had any experience of entrusting decisions or anything like that. “I focused on the candidate role,” she said.

In addition, Ko Eun-young said that she left the Green Party and became a supporting member. He said, “I became a supporting member and a supporting citizen because I thought that the bowl was small. As a young man who has had this kind of experience, I think he is someone who gives and receives a positive influence. In order to use his 3-4 years of experience in politics to be useful in society, he is thinking about various things. I became a natural person, but I wonder if this is something young people can choose, and they can explore the next and create a vegetable garden and forest,” she said, reflecting on the meaning of the ‘youth election’.

Finally, she said, “It is difficult to trust others, but you cannot do anything alone. I believe that the team is important, and having the experience of trusting someone can lead to a better life. It is a difficult world to trust, but a lot of communication takes place in virtual reality, but please have someone you trust by your side.”

‘Vote Young Ones’ will be released on the 17th.


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