‘Weekly Idol’ Monsta X’s Hyungwon “Jooheon, drink and call me like an ex-boyfriend”

[Maeil Economic Daily Star Today intern reporter Lee Ji-young]

Group MONSTA X Hyungwon revealed Jooheon’s phone habit.

MBC Everyone’s entertainment program “Weekly Idol” on the 1st, “※100% of ex-boyfriend material ※ Dawn call from Jooheon.”It pre-released a video titled ‘SSUL’.

In the video, Jooheon wrote that it was an episode with a member he had never talked about, “a video call that was mixed with him.” He means member Hyungwon.
Jooheon said, “If I make a video call to Hyungwon, he won’t answer.”

“I don’t answer (Jooheon’s phone) very well,” Kihyun said. “There’s a reason. I get a call at 4 a.m.,” Hyung-won said, “I understand that you don’t answer the phone.”

“While I was making songs, I often ask for my opinions through video calls in my studio,” Joo-heon said.

When MC Kwang-hee asked Hyung-won why he didn’t really pick up the phone, Hyung-won said, “I said earlier.”I call you at a late hour,” he said. “I work, have a beer, talk to myself, and then hang up. I’m calling you after drinking. “I’m not even an ex-girlfriend, so I don’t answer the phone at dawn,” Joo-heon said, revealing that he drinks on the phone.

MC Eunhyuk said, “Jooheon, didn’t you say you’d call me while working on a song?” “This is just alcohol,” Jooheon said. “I wiped my sweat, but I’m sweating more,” giving a smile.


photo| Captured from MBC Every1’s ‘Weekly Idol’
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