Yoon Hyung-bin was cleared of suspicion of aiding and abetting assault and not being able to pay wages…”I’ll live my life to the fullest.”

Yoon Hyung-bin. Photo|Star Today DB

[Maeil Economic Daily Star Today reporter Park Se-yeon]

Comedian Yoon Hyung-bin was cleared of suspicion after being cleared of assault aiding and abetting wages.

Yoon Hyung-bin released a photo of an innocent article about an aspiring comedian on his Instagram story on the 2nd, saying, “This is what happened. I’ll just do my best in what I’ve been doing in silence.”

Earlier, Choi Young-ki, a lawyer at Yoon Hyung-bin’s legal representative law firm, recently met with Road FC Chairman Chung Moon-hong and Kim Dae-hwan to tell the progress of the Yoon Hyung-bin case through the fist section rather than the “Kim & Jung TV” law.

Choi Young-ki, a lawyer, said, “I filed criminal charges for aiding and abetting assault even though I knew I was assaulting, and I reported two things to the Employment and Labor Administration because I worked as an employee, but I didn’t pay.”

Choi Young-ki, a lawyer, said, “The report to the Employment and Labor Administration was investigated, but at the level of the Employment and Labor Administration, it is innocent.” “I was informed that I was not a worker and that there was no overdue wage,” he said. “I am still cautious because I did not receive the documents finally.”

Lawyer Choi went on to say, “We have a complaint. He used threats, blackmail, and defamation, but the prosecution investigation was completed, and the other party was investigated. Prosecutors are expected to prosecute. “It’s not confirmed yet, but it’s under way.

Yoon Hyung-bin was embroiled in a controversy over his power trip with a posting posted on an online community in December last year. An aspiring comedian A, who wrote the article, claimed that he entered the Yoon Hyung-bin Theater in late October 2015 to learn acting, but only made him do chores and that officials verbally abused and assaulted him. In addition, Yoon Hyung-bin caused a stir by claiming that he acquiesced in the knowledge.

In this regard, Yoon Hyung-bin filed a complaint for defamation, saying that A’s claim was groundless. Since then, A has also announced a counter-claim through his legal representative that he plans to file a complaint on charges of violating the Labor Standards Act and defamation due to the dissemination of false information.


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