Youn Yuh-jung’s younger sister, Youn Yeo-soon → Park Jung-min, appeared in ‘Yoo Quiz on the Block’

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tvN’s “Yoo Quiz on the Block” will feature “It’s Not Over Until It’s Over.”

In the 109th episode of tvN’s “Yoo Quiz on the Block (directed by Kim Min-seok, Park Geun-hyung/writer Lee Eon-joo),” which will air on the 2nd, people will travel into their universe with the ultimate king who doesn’t know how to give up. Actor Park Jung-min, Youn Yeo-soon, the first female executive at a large company, doctor Shin Seung-gun, and “Plank” master Kim Young-dal will appear to talk about his endless racing life.

First of all, actor Park Jung-min, who ranked 0th in Chungmuro casting with his unrivaled acting skills regardless of genre, is looking for “Yoo Quiz.”
From the story of choosing Han Ye-jong over prestigious universities for his passion for acting, the behind-the-scenes story of Han Ye-jong’s interview, and the unknown days to this day, he shares more movie-like stories than movies. In particular, the chemistry between Jagi and Yoo Jae-seok, the winner of the Baeksang Arts Awards, is expected to add to the fun.

Talks with Youn Yeo-soon, who became the first female CEO of a large company with passion and drive, will also continue. He joined the company as a manager in his 40s and was promoted to an executive in four years, and will reveal his leadership. The weight of the title as the first female executive, the reason why she always carried a resignation letter, the absurd episodes she experienced as the only female executive, and her recent transformation into a business coach after leaving office in 2014. The story behind the Oscar award, which is told by actress Youn Yuh-jung’s younger sister, is also expected, raising expectations.

Shin Seung-gun, who overcame three heart surgeries and became a doctor, attracts attention with his indomitable spirit of challenge. The night before the surgery, he was attracted to the light of the medical library reflected in the window of the hospital room, and revealed the full story of achieving his dream after continuously selling out despite difficulties. As soon as he received his doctor’s license, he said that he was surprised by the unexpected person he visited first, which raises questions.

There will also be time to get to know Kim Young-dal, who enjoys the third act of his life with tireless passion. Starting the day at the age of 86, she vividly reveals the background of a student who didn’t even know the alphabet becoming an American university professor, an episode that completed 180 marathon times while walking on the school grounds, and the secret to staying healthy. Rumor has it that he, Yoo Jae-seok, and Jo Se-ho’s plank class made the scene laugh.

Producer Kim Min-seok, who directed the show, said, “On the 109th episode, which will air today, we will hold a talk relay with those who jumped in without fear of a new path.” “The lives of those who carve out their lives with strong drive and will and the wisdom contained in them will deliver fresh impetus.”

tvN’s “Yoo Quiz on the Block” airs every Wednesday evening at 8:40 p.m.

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