Han Cho-im’s pictorial “Controversy over costumes for awards ceremony? Unforgettable memory”

[Maeil Business Star Today reporter Yang So-young]

Singer Han Cho-im’s pictorial has been released.

Han Cho-im debuted as Camilla in 2018 and became a solo singer after breaking up in 2019. With her unchanging grit, she has recently appeared in various broadcast programs such as “Miss Trot 2,” “Video Star,” and “Miss Bowling,” and is eager to show off fresh and colorful charms.

She did a great job with her natural body and talent in this photo shoot. She transformed herself into a Barbie doll by wearing a ribbon-decorated costume, and created a lovely or innocent image depending on accessories.
She then showed off her sensual mood by wearing a see-through dress and posing in a primary color.

Not long ago, when asked about his participation in a bold transformation through TV Chosun’s “Miss Trot 2,” she said, “Singer activities were suspended due to Corona and I had a hard time losing my maternal grandmother.” “In the meantime, I regained my disappeared self-esteem and hope after watching ‘Mr. Trot’, so I took lessons for a month and participated.”

As such, she showed her sincerity in preparing props for every stage, and received positive reviews that the stage composition was full. “I had to complete the stage in two weeks, so I had a lot of twists and turns, but I got a concussion while trying acrobatic, and the dancer got into an accident and got a new partner three hours before the recording.” In particular, it was the only solo stage, and I was sad that the “temptation” that I cared about the most was edited,” she said, delivering an episode full of passion.

When asked about her motivation, who has been working hard without her agency, she said, “I did my best to think that I should be ready to approach my dream.” “I’ve been working on my schedule all that time, but I’ve been taking more responsibility because it’s my job.”

Asked about the secret of its unique execution power, she then said, “Sales technology is excellent. When the artist delivers the profile herself, feeling desperate, so he or she has no choice but to listen more from the perspective of the officials. “It’s a different thing for me to explain myself and for someone to represent me.”

At that time, singer Rain offered her an all-around manager, not an artist. “Because I worked alone as a singer and manager, receiving such favorable reviews and suggestions was proof that I was doing a good job,” she said.

Then, about her strengths and weaknesses as a singer, “I find the eyes that overwhelm the stage and eat the camera attractive. But more singing practice is needed.

When asked about the most fulfilling time, she said, “I was happiest and proud when my name was on Naver and the next real-time search word. “Now that there is no real-time search, the joy of life is gone.” On the other hand, in response to the difficult times, she mentioned the situation in which Covid-19 overlapped with Camilla’s disbandment and solo activities.

In the past, unconventional awards ceremonies became a hot topic. “It was an unforgettable memory and a gift,” she said of the unexpected controversy. “It was an opportunity to promote my name and rookie group Camilla,” she said. “The sexy image is a shadowy modifier because I like sexy dance and I am good at it.”

There seemed to be confidence in herself in her resolute attitude. “There is no giving up on me. I think it’s right to do as much as you can. “Once, Super Junior’s Eun-hyuk said that no matter how much she trampled, she looked like a weed standing up.”

Last year, we launched a handmade shoe brand. When asked about the philosophy pursued by the brand, she said, “I was uncomfortable because most shoes did not fit because my feet had been modified while majoring in ballet for 20 years. “Based on this experience, I want to make shoes that focus on comfort.”

She will also try bowling + ‘Miss Bowling’ and show off a different charm. Asked how she felt about her appearance, he said, “I think there will be an interesting picture because all the players are outstanding players.” “I have been bowling with professionals since five years ago, and my rival has helped me improve my skills,” she said, expressing her strong ambition.

When asked about the sport he found interesting these days, she said, “I have played as a track and field representative when I was young. “These days, I am getting a lot of desire again while watching SBS’s women’s soccer entertainment show ‘The Girls Who Hit the Goal’.”

When asked about her secret to managing her slim body while majoring in dance, she said, “I learned ballet from childhood and got a solid body shape. Also, playing as a player in school helped develop muscles and seems to have inherited a good gene from her parents. “It’s hard to lose weight because of gluttony, but I’m not exercising separately, so I maintain one meal a day.”

When asked what she wants to try in the future, she said, “I’ve put down my challenge as a singer for a while. I like to use my body and I want to be on a reality show because I am bold. “I want to try active contents such as soccer, boxing, and driving.”

Asked the driving force of her extraordinary grit and spirit of challenge, she said, “My father is the vitality of life and a strong support.” Many people are worried about their only daughter because they don’t have a mother, but I want to succeed as soon as possible and be a good son. I also try to communicate with my beloved fans. “Please show a lot of interest and support,” she expressed her affection.

When asked about her biggest concern these days, she said, “It’s broadcasting. In the past, she used to run around the site and schedule herself, but now she can’t, so it’s a difficult time. “I’m worried that we’re losing direction,” she said. “Our business has also been hit by Corona and we’re currently holding out with subsidies for self-employed men and owners of small-and-middle sized companies.”


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